How Power Pages Helped MakeSpace
Jump 65 Spots Overnight

When started using SEOJet, they decided to not only use the link maps to build links to their homepage and power pages, but they also decided to implement the SEO strategy that we teach to our users.

SEO Power Pages

One of the most effective SEO strategies that we teach is using what we call SEO power pages to pass SEO value to the rest of your site.

Note: This SEO strategy will work on new websites or established sites.

For example, you write an awesome long-form piece of content with 2,000+ words and SEOJet will give you a link map telling you how to build links to that page. Next, you’ll target specific keywords on that power page, and as you build out a natural link profile the SEO value increases.

It’s as easy as that!

That SEO value can also be passed on to smaller pages through internal links from your power pages. started implementing our strategy. They have been (and continue) building links to their power pages using the link maps from SEOJet and then added links to their most important city pages.

Their city pages are not power pages but are super important to the success of their website.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to build a bunch of links to those pages because it wouldn’t seem natural to Google, but they really need those pages to rank.

Here is how they include those links on about 5 power pages:

They could have tried to work those same links into the content of the site more naturally, but in this case, it didn’t make much sense to do that for their users. Instead, they added the links at the bottom of the content and Google still considers them all internal links.

Results In 1 Day?

Once they built up the SEO of the power pages and added the internal links at the bottom of the page, they saw huge jumps within 24 hours!

Here is a snapshot of their rankings from one day:

They experienced jumps as big as 65 spots in just 24 hours!

And as they continue to build out their link maps those internal links will become more powerful.

The beauty of this strategy is they don’t have to spend time or money building a lot of links to the city pages, they simply have to focus on the homepage and 4-5 other power pages and let those pages pass the SEO value to the rest of the site.

See How SEOJet Works

SEOJet backlink software

Hopefully, you’re starting to see the value in using a proven link-building plan.

SEOJet uses Google data to build out effective link-building plans for your pages.

Not only does the backlink software use aggregate data from #1 ranked pages across all industries, but it also looks at your #1 ranked competitor for every key phrase you are targeting to show what you need to do to take the top position.

What can you do with SEOJet?

  • Check on your backlink profile and see what you need to do to fix it
  • Find hidden link opportunities
  • Compare your content to your competitor
  • See the DA range of your competitors’ links
  • Build an amazingly natural backlink profile

…and so much more.

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