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The Power of the Backlink Checker Tool

Do you know who is linking to your website? Do you know if they are reputable websites that are sending quality traffic your way?

Using a backlink checker tool allows you to find out who is linking to your website and whether they are benefiting your business. Keep track of pre-arranged guest post blog backlinks and filter out any poor-performing backlinks from unreputable sites.

Learn more about optimizing your backlinks to drive traffic to your website and grow your business. Get in touch with SEOJet’s team of SEO and backlink pros to get your website on page 1 of Google sooner than you think!

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What Are Backlinks?

Have you ever read an article online and clicked on a link they provide to another site? This is a backlink. It’s a way of linking back to a website associated with the subject of that article or business.

Some businesses have arrangements with reputable guest post bloggers to write articles about subjects within their niche to increase traffic to their sites. These are often paid for or traded with backlinks to the blogger’s site. The same goes for partner websites or businesses, product reviews, newspaper articles, and many more.

However, sometimes backlinks are used by unreputable sites which don’t benefit the target website. This could damage the reputation by association with the target website, so these backlinks should be found and stopped.


Improve Your Business with Backlinks Checker

The overall benefits of backlinks are to draw in relevant traffic to your site, increase sales and boost your business. Backlinks serve as a vote of confidence from the source, expanding the reach of your business and hopefully increasing your customer base.

The more high-quality backlinks you have, the further up the list on Google your site will appear. The higher up your site ranks on Google, the more business you will receive. This SEO strategy can be a quick and easy way to boost your business online.

You can monitor and customize your website’s backlinks by using a professional backlink check tool like SEOJet’s. Get a free backlinks report for your site and discover who is linking to your website.


How Does Backlinks Checker Tool Work?

Our backlink software crawls the web in search of cases where URLs from your website are being used by publicly accessible sites. Then it compiles a comprehensive report of all those sites and the context in which your URLs are being used.


SEOJet’s Backlink Checker Process


Step 1: Enter the Target URL

Enter a target domain or specific URL into the search box and select from the dropdown menu ‘Domain & Subdomain’, ‘Only This Subdomain’, or ‘This Exact URL’ to customize your results. Hit ‘View Backlinks Report’.


Step 2: Recieve Your Results

Enter your email address to receive your backlinks checker results and subscribe to SEOJet’s Insiders Newsletter.


Step 3: Analyze Your Results

Enter your email address to subscribe to SEOJet’sand in no time, our backlink software will generate your results.


Step 4: Free SEO Advice

Not only will you receive your backlink results after you, but you’ll also get free professional advice about link building on your website and how to get to the first page on Google!


What Does Your Backlink Report Say?

Your report will include useful insights into who is linking to your website and how. Hover over the element titles such as ‘No Follow’ and an info box will appear explaining what they are.

The information in your report includes your total number of external backlinks and the total number of referring domains providing backlinks to your site.

The Do-follow Backlinks is the percentage of reputable sites that host useful backlinks that help your site’s ranking or ‘SEO authority’. You’ll also be able to see the number of referring IPs which are the number of IP addresses that send backlinks to your website.

The report will display the URLs where the backlinks to your site were found and the anchor text they used in the copy. This anchor text is hyperlinked to your site and will be in a blue and sometimes bold typeface in their copy.

Next is the ‘Nofollow’ list. Similarly to the Do-follow backlinks percentage, this data identifies which URLs are sending SEO authority to your site. The No Follow Backlinks are the ones that Google will not use in their SEO ranking for your site, therefore the unhelpful ones.

The ‘Score’ is the page’s authority score as identified by SEMRush. This measures the impact of the domain’s link and the overall quality of the site. The higher the score, the more authority the site and therefore its backlink could have.


Check Your Competitors’ Backlinks

If you have competitors ranking higher than you on Google, you can check out how they may utilize the power of backlinks to get ahead.

After making a varied list of your competitors, enter their URLs into our backlink checker tool. Now you’ll be able to see how their backlink building could differ from yours and what you could do to compete with them.


Why Choose SEOJet?

SEOJet is a leading link management software helping SEO agencies, marketers, and business owners build natural #1 ranked link profiles. Our variety of backlink building plans allows businesses to get the best SEO authority through backlinks for their budget to help them thrive.

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Backlink Building Plan Pricing

SEOJet’s backlink checker tool is completely free of charge!

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