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Why Use Our Free Backlink Checker?

The number of high-quality backlinks from other websites to your website is an important factor that influences search engine rankings.

Google and other search engines have algorithms that prioritize and prefer websites that are useful and accurate.

Backlinks are one way that search engines judge how useful and accurate a website is. When another site links to your site, Google views it as a “vote of confidence” from another website. Backlinks from a website with a higher domain score are viewed as more valuable by search engines.

You might think you know which websites out there on the internet are linking to yours, but there’s only one way to be sure. Our backlink checker tool enables you to confirm who is talking about (and linking) to your website and also why.

How Does the Backlink Tool Check Website Backlinks?

Our tool searches for instances of your website URL being used in a link that is publicly accessible. Then, it compiles a list of websites linking to yours and the context in which those links occur.

How Can Backlink Checker Tools Improve Your Business?

If you use a backlink checker tool like ours, you can see who is linking to your website.

Sometimes disreputable websites will link to your website, causing you to look bad. You can ask these sites to remove your link from their page.

Equally, perhaps you have been acknowledged by a business or university which has high standing and it’s good to know if you have. You can also use a backlink checker to verify that links you’ve received in the past (or paid for) are still on a website.

In some cases, you may not have any backlinks, which Google will not view favorably. In those cases, a good backlink campaign, where like-minded businesses within your niche link to your website, can help to improve your search result rankings.

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