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What Makes Our Links Insertions Service So Effective?

Easy to order

SEOJet is proven backlink software that will literally guide you link by link so every link insertion you get will move the needle in Google’s search results.

Link Insertions On Trusted Blogs

We only work with authoritative sites with rankings and traffic from Google. We know these guest post sites have Google’s trust and will help your website’s Google rankings.

Quality Writers = Quality Link Insertions Services

Working with high-quality writers who know how to create content that reads well is essential to a high quality link outreach service. That’s why our writers are all pre-vetted, native English speakers to ensure the highest quality link placements. .

Link Insertions in Relevant Niches

Our Link Insertion outreach process allows us to do everything we can to make sure that each of your backlinks comes from a relevant site that’s in your niche or extremely close.

Quick Turnaround Times

Some Link Insertion orders can take up to 30 days for placement, most orders are completed within 7-14 days.

Amazing Discounts

We offer great members-only discounts based on which SEOJet plan you are signed up for. Discounts can run as high as 15%.

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What SEOJet Users Have To Say

“I was skeptical but…every guest post has been on real sites with real organic traffic.”

“I find SEOJet is a great tool to help managed anchor text and links, it saves me so
much time on auditing competitors for their anchor text. Recently I decided to try out their guest post service. I must admit I was skeptical as there are so many sites offering “real guest posts” only to under deliver. I have been very impressed by the guest post service. So far every guest post has been on real sites with real organic traffic and solid metrics. It’s now a big part of my off-page strategy.”


Phil Roskams – Glow Serp Agency

“The turn around times are great and the content is relevant to my client’s niches!”

“I love SEOJet’s guest posting service. The turn around times are great and the content is relevant to the niches my clients are in.”

Kimberly Horn – Groove Virtual

How long does it take for a Link Insertion to be placed?

Typically, it takes between 14-20 days for link insertions, though there are instances where it can extend up to 30 days to insert your link into a relevant article. Link insertions have emerged as a potent tool in the SEO arsenal. Google perceives "backlinks" (links from other websites pointing to yours) as a sign that your website is authoritative on the topic of the search query, leading to improved rankings. However, executing link insertions, link building, and link outreach can be challenging, especially at scale. That's where we step in, simplifying the process and handling the intricacies for you!

Does Your Network include PBNs?

No. We only post Link Insertions on high-quality sites owned by real people.

Are there any categories or niches you don’t do Link Insertions for?

We cannot do gambling, adult, or Rx link outreach. Also, if you have a website in the legal niche, our supply of legal blogs to reach out to is limited.

How do your services compare to other backlink services out there?

We pride ourselves on being among the select few link insertion services that go beyond just Domain Authority when selecting sites for link placements. By incorporating ratings from Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic, we ensure a superior quality for our link insertions. Furthermore, we meticulously assess the referring domains, organic rankings, and organic traffic of the sites we choose for link insertions. This comprehensive approach sets us apart from the competition.

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