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The SEOJet Google keyword planner is free to use and can help ensure your website ranks higher than your competitors in Google search results.


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Why Use a Google Ads Keyword Planner?

Our Google AdWords keyword planner gives you accurate search data so you can make informed decisions about which keywords to use on your website.

How Does the SEOJet Keyword Planner Work?

Our keyword planner collects up-to-date statistical information from Google Adwords/Google Search which is freely available. Then, it displays the information in one simple, easy-to-view dashboard for your convenience.

Save Money, Get Results

Cost performance is the degree of contrast between the price you pay and the performance (effect) of something.

Our keyword planner provides free data that allows you to both enhance your On-Page SEO and Google Adword campaigns.

You can find out what keywords provide the most value for Ad campaigns without having to waste money experimenting. You can also see what keywords searchers look for when searching for your products or services.

Put the right keywords into your website content and help customers find you without spending a penny.

Our free SEO google AdWords keyword planner enables you to see the following information.

  1. CPC. This is the cost-per-click if you were to make a paid-for ad campaign using the keyword.
  2. SV. Search volume is the number of searches for a particular keyword.
  3. KD. Keyword difficulty relates to competition. More competitive keywords have higher KD and niche keywords have lower difficulty.

How to Use Our Google Keyword Planner Tool

To use the SEOJet keyword planner tool all you need to do is start entering keyword ideas for your business.

Try to find some that offer high organic search volume, high CPC, and lower keyword difficulty.

Start with your products and services, along with niche related words and phrases, and branch out from there.

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