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Our Story

SEOJet was founded by Adam White, long time SEO professional. The idea sprung from the frustration he was facing as he was building backlinks for companies that were owned by TV celebrity businessman Marcus Lemonis. Even with 15+ years of SEO experience he still found himself guessing which links to build and which anchor texts to use every time he built a link.

When he realized that no solution existed to take the guess work out of link building, he decided to build it himself. Thus SEOJet was created.

Adam started his SEO journey in 2002 with Utah.com. He then went on to work as the head of the SEO department for Submitawebsite.com. He decided to branch out on his own and start his own SEO company which he sold in 2009 after getting to #1 on Google for the phrase “SEO services”.

Since 2002 he has optimized over 350 websites including most recently working as a consultant with Marcus Lemonis from the tv show “The Profit”.

Adam took a brief hiatus from SEO to write and direct the award winning feature film “Inspired Guns”. He lives in Arizona with his wife and 6 children.

SEOJet is link management software built to help SEO agencies and marketers build natural #1 ranked link profiles. The software builds your website link maps based on data from thousands of links pointing to top ranked websites. Finally there is a way for business owners to automatically build #1 ranked link profiles.

SEO has been thought of as some uncrackable code for so long, when in reality Google has always told us what they wanted, it’s right there on page 1 of their results.

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