New Website SEO Case Study – How To Rank For 800 keywords in 90 days

Because each backlink that you build is an investment, the best way to spend that investment is to build links to pages that have the best opportunity to rank.

I know that sounds obvious but I see too many people spend money on links to pages that have little chance to rank.

If you want to see quick results with Google on any page you are promoting then I would recommend you follow this strategy.

Let me share with you an SEO case study from our start-up men’s t-shirt brand Jasper Holland.

This is a simple SEO strategy that anyone can follow.

We published the website before we actually launched the brand because we knew SEO would be a part of the traffic strategy and wanted to get the site indexed.

Because this was a brand new site I knew the first thing we needed to do was to build brand trust on the homepage by building a gaggle of branded anchor backlinks.

By gaggle, I mean around 20 homepage links. I just always wanted to use the word gaggle on my blog.

Once we had started to establish ourselves as a brand (we’re still working on that, the site is new) we moved to our content strategy.

We started with some in-depth key phrase research.

We built a huge list of key phrases using Google’s keyword plannerAhrefs and a tool called Keyword Dominator which shows Amazon searches. That was important because we are an e-commerce store and we wanted to see what people search for related to men’s t-shirts on Amazon.

We put together a huge list of anything we thought our target market (adult men who like to wear t-shirts but still look classy) might search for.

We then grouped the key phrases into related phrases. Once we had the groups we could start planning out the content.

For example, Jasper Holland Co has a mission to promote stronger marriages and so the shirts we sell are designed so that men can wear them on dates.

After doing some key phrase research I found that a lot of men search for key phrases related to “what to wear on a casual date”.

Here is a group of the key phrases we could build the content around:

what to wear on a casual first date guys
what to wear on a first date guys
what to wear on a casual date men
how to dress for a first date casual guys

There are many more related searches but you get the idea of what we were going for.

Using our list of key phrases I had my writer write a 3000+ word article on 8 different casual outfit ideas for men that all feature the t-shirts that we sell.

I didn’t give my writer any instructions about how often to include key phrases in the content because I wanted the content to read as naturally as possible.

Personally I think that part of SEO is a little overrated, and I always lean towards more readable content a site visitor will enjoy.

We included pictures of every piece of the outfit and included links to purchase each product so a man can come read the blog post and know exactly what he needs to do to complete the look.

To make the content even better we included two or three date ideas to go with each outfit idea.

We built amazing in-depth content around the idea of good outfit ideas for men if they are going on a date where it is appropriate to dress casual.

This is exactly the audience Jasper Holland Co wants to reach.

We made sure to make the content awesome so that our readers would love it and share it and trust Jasper Holland Co as an authority in the category of mens classy casual.

Hopefully you are starting to see the type of content you need to create for Google to love your content and rank it quickly.

Just make it as useful to your users as possible.

Once the content was published it was important that we started promoting it right away.

The first step was to enter the post into SEOJet as a power page.

SEO case study from SEOJet

So that it would get indexed quickly we added a link to the blog post on the homepage of Jasper Holland Co.

Then we started building links to the blog post following the suggested links from the link map SEOJet created for the page. Click here to read a post about how to manage your backlinks.

SEOJet case study

After about 5 or 6 backlinks the page started to show up in the SERPs.

Here are the anchor texts (in order) I used for the 6 links: (full url, DA33)
What To Wear On A Casual First Date For Guys – 8 Outfit Ideas (page title, DA44)
this article can help you (natural, DA27)
give guys an idea of what to wear on a casual first date (keyword plus, DA35) (full url, DA27)
if you have no style (natural, DA29)

As you can see from the snapshot above from Ahrefs that this page by itself ranks for over 500 key phrases with only 6 referring domains.

Now we continue building backlinks to this page to get those 500+ key phrases into the top 3 of Google.

So far we have only created two blog posts for the site as we just officially launched the business a few weeks ago.

But with those two blog posts, Jasper Holland Co ranks for over 800 key phrases.

Not bad for a brand new website with only two blog posts and only 38 total referring domains.

Meanwhile, we are working on more content for the site and will follow the same steps as outlined above.

If you want quick results with Google, this needs to be a strategy that you implement as you bring on new SEO clients or are looking to move the needle on your current clients.

If you create the right content and then promote it with links, your pages will rank.

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If you found this case study useful or have any questions or ideas that might help us all be more successful with our SEO, leave a comment below and let us know.

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