New Website SEO Case Study – How To Rank For 800 keywords in 90 days

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Because each backlink that you build is an investment, the best way to spend that investment is to build links to pages that have the best opportunity to rank.

I know that sounds obvious but I see too many people spend money on links to pages that have little chance to rank.

If you want to see quick results with Google on any page you are promoting then I would recommend you follow this strategy.

Let me share with you an SEO case study from our start-up men’s t-shirt brand Jasper Holland.

This is a simple SEO strategy that anyone can follow.

We published the website before we actually launched the brand because we knew SEO would be a part of the traffic strategy and wanted to get the site indexed.

Because this was a brand new site I knew the first thing we needed to do was to build brand trust on the homepage by building a gaggle of branded anchor backlinks.

By gaggle, I mean around 20 homepage links. I just always wanted to use the word gaggle on my blog.

Once we had started to establish ourselves as a brand (we’re still working on that, the site is new) we moved to our content strategy.

We started with some in-depth key phrase research.

We built a huge list of key phrases using Google’s keyword planner, Ahrefs and a tool called Keyword Dominator which shows Amazon searches. That was important because we are an e-commerce store and we wanted to see what people search for related to men’s t-shirts on Amazon.

We put together a huge list of anything we thought our target market (adult men who like to wear t-shirts but still look classy) might search for.

We then grouped the key phrases into related phrases. Once we had the groups we could start planning out the content.

For example, Jasper Holland Co has a mission to promote stronger marriages and so the shirts we sell are designed so that men can wear them on dates.

After doing some key phrase research I found that a lot of men search for key phrases related to “what to wear on a casual date”.

Here is a group of the key phrases we could build the content around:

what to wear on a casual first date guys
what to wear on a first date guys
what to wear on a casual date men
how to dress for a first date casual guys

There are many more related searches but you get the idea of what we were going for.

Using our list of key phrases I had my writer write a 3000+ word article on 8 different casual outfit ideas for men that all feature the t-shirts that we sell.

I didn’t give my writer any instructions about how often to include key phrases in the content because I wanted the content to read as naturally as possible.

Personally I think that part of SEO is a little overrated, and I always lean towards more readable content a site visitor will enjoy.

We included pictures of every piece of the outfit and included links to purchase each product so a man can come read the blog post and know exactly what he needs to do to complete the look.

To make the content even better we included two or three date ideas to go with each outfit idea.

We built amazing in-depth content around the idea of good outfit ideas for men if they are going on a date where it is appropriate to dress casual.

This is exactly the audience Jasper Holland Co wants to reach.

We made sure to make the content awesome so that our readers would love it and share it and trust Jasper Holland Co as an authority in the category of mens classy casual.

Hopefully you are starting to see the type of content you need to create for Google to love your content and rank it quickly.

Just make it as useful to your users as possible.

Once the content was published it was important that we started promoting it right away.

The first step was to enter the post into SEOJet as a power page.

SEO case study from SEOJet

So that it would get indexed quickly we added a link to the blog post on the homepage of Jasper Holland Co.

Then we started building links to the blog post following the suggested links from the link map SEOJet created for the page. Click here to read a post about how to manage your backlinks.

SEOJet case study

After about 5 or 6 backlinks the page started to show up in the SERPs.

Here are the anchor texts (in order) I used for the 6 links: (full url, DA33)
What To Wear On A Casual First Date For Guys – 8 Outfit Ideas (page title, DA44)
this article can help you (natural, DA27)
give guys an idea of what to wear on a casual first date (keyword plus, DA35) (full url, DA27)
if you have no style (natural, DA29)

As you can see from the snapshot above from Ahrefs that this page by itself ranks for over 500 key phrases with only 6 referring domains.

Now we continue building backlinks to this page to get those 500+ key phrases into the top 3 of Google.

So far we have only created two blog posts for the site as we just officially launched the business a few weeks ago.

But with those two blog posts, Jasper Holland Co ranks for over 800 key phrases.

Not bad for a brand new website with only two blog posts and only 38 total referring domains.

Meanwhile, we are working on more content for the site and will follow the same steps as outlined above.

If you want quick results with Google, this needs to be a strategy that you implement as you bring on new SEO clients or are looking to move the needle on your current clients.

If you create the right content and then promote it with links, your pages will rank.

New To SEOJet?

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SEOJet is backlink software that helps you build personalized link plans for each page you are trying to optimize.

The software uses backlink data from #1 ranked pages to help you build out a natural backlink profile that ranks quickly.



If you found this case study useful or have any questions or ideas that might help us all be more successful with our SEO, leave a comment below and let us know.


  1. Nice SEO case study, to rank for over 800 keywords (and top rank!) is no small feat, especially since the site only has 2 blog posts and is practically brand new. Brand building with links can be a great SEO win, especially if you are creating power page content around what your readers are looking for online.

    • SEOBANK, thanks for the comment. I think building content around what people are looking for is the key to success with SEO.

    • It is easier than you think, however, it does come down what you are goals are! People often try to take on too much because they want success right now and then end up going no-where! I have to admit, I never heard of a 3,000-word post with 800 keywords, as I normally write between 4k-5k words, I have never seen that many, and you can’t assume those 800 keywords are worth anything, for instance, for all we know, those 800 keywords could have a traffic value of fewer than 100 visitors total, then that would pretty much render all 800 keywords useless, and it is no coincidence that he uses an analytical site in one of his examples, these guys live, breathe, and dream about analytics, so they would know what it would take to rank far beyond what most other people can rank, and if you do not know how to read, utilize and take action on analytical data, then there is no reason to have a website, much less than posting content, and shooting backlinks, that is a not a tactic.

      • John, yeah you are right that many of the 800 keywords have low search volume. But the point of the article was to show the scope of results you can get if you create a really good SEO power page, even if the site is new.

        • Is there a method that you may use if you are looking to rank one particular keyword? Let’s go with the 800 keyword example, so you see this one keyword that will beat out 799 keywords hands-down. One may not really want to rank all 800 keywords because some of those keywords may not be relevant enough, or maybe you have no control in that, and you get what ranks, and you have to deal with that, in other words, if you want that one to rank, then others have to rank also.

          • David, with any power page I create, I am always only focused on 3-6 key phrases that I know will drive good traffic. I mention the 800 key phrases in this just to show the depth of rankings you can get with a good power page.

  2. Very clear ,to the point and relatively shorter post on the topic.
    Great case study , but you write it so easy to understand that can’t wait to apply myself.
    I am reading your posta from the very beginning of the seo jet creation,and always something new from your post.

    • Saba, thanks for the comment. I tried to keep this one an easy read so our users would be more likely to implement the strategy.

  3. Adam,

    This was a brilliant article! Thank you for the great content and direction!

    • Paul, I’m glad you liked it. Hopefully it will help you crush it with your SEO clients!

  4. Very impressive!

    A few quick questions.

    In the article you referenced, you have just five or six references to the word casual in near proximity to the words first date. But the phrase first date or date occurs over 50 to 60 times.

    So, how does this target the phrase related to what to wear on a casual first date if the word casual is not used very often in a 3000 + word article?

    If you have 36 domains linking back to your article, and you assume it costs on average $100 per article to get a link back, that would mean a $3,600 investment or taking who knows how long to get 36 domains to link back to your article.

    Most people would not have that kind of budget to spend that kind of money. So how do you reconcile that, as it pertains to this use case?

    Lastly, while getting the article ranked so quickly is quite impressive, can you provide any insight as to how much traffic you are getting to that article as a result of the backlinking efforts?

    • Hey Mike, great questions. As I mentioned in the article when I had my writer create the content for the article I didn’t give her any key phrase suggestions other than the title and an overview of what I wanted the article to be about. I was more concerned with having the content read as naturally as possible. The fact that the word casual only shows up near the word first date five or six times is just how it turned out.

      I have only built 6 links to this article not 36. The entire site has 36 links. You can get good links for far less than $100 (see our niche edits).

      The article gets a couple of hundred visitors a month. As I get more of those phrases to the top 3 of Google that will grow exponentially.

      Hope that helps.

      • Got it. Thanks for clarifying Adam!

      • Oh, nice work on using this article as an additional backlink ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Great case study that highlighted the strength of seojet

    • Criss, thanks for noticing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Way to get โ€œGaggleโ€ into the conversation lol.

    Itโ€™s great to see a brand new site be able to rank so quickly.

    In order to move the needle so quickly in their rankings Iโ€™m going to guess they were going after high authority backlinks?

    • Mike, it really seems like an underused word in society. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wasn’t necessarily going after authority links only, I was just going for relevance and made sure the links were at least a DA20.

  7. Congratulations on the launch of your new brand and for ranking for 800+ kw in just 90 days!

    • Angela, thanks it’s exciting to see how this SEO strategy continues to work.

  8. Just wondering what anchor text you put on those backlinks to get 800kws ranked?
    And whatโ€™s the average stats from those backlinks

    Btw awesome post man! I love to read this kind of study case!

    • Ang, I have updated the post with the anchor texts that I used when I built links to the page. Glad you liked the post.

  9. Hey Adam,

    Congrats and good work on getting that article ranked so well.

    Does SEOJet provide any insight into which 500+ key phrases the article is ranking for, and in what SERP position the article will be for each key phrase?

    I guess the root of my question is what can someone do with that particular information, other than know the information? Is there a particular action you would take? Or would you just keep building backlinks using the main 4-5 phrases you’ve identified for the article?

    Thanks for the info about the niche edit link building option. Wasn’t aware that was an option, so I will give that a go as well!

    • Mike, you can enter key phrases on each page that you want to track but the software is geared toward link building plans. That is the focus of what you use the software for. The software looks at your backlinks and then gives you a plan for all of your links moving forward.

      • Ok, thanks!

  10. Hi, Adam. I’ve just started working in the marketing field and trying to learn about digital marketing. I got some useful knowledge from this post. Thank you so much.

    • Chloe, Im glad it was helpful.

  11. Your tool can help new sites rank for 800 keywords in 90 days? So amazing! I can’t believe that. I built my site in May and have been trying to publish content for the last couple of months. However, my best performing keyword is still only ranking on the second page.

    • Suzie, thanks for the comment. I think a lot of it had to do with the industry of the site but the link building tactics we use with SEOJet do seem to work with any industry.

  12. Wow such great advice! This can be a big learning curve.

    • Mandy, glad you liked the post.

  13. So the built in guest posting feature is setup so I don’t have to go searching for backlinks to get? I’m so new to this backlinking thing!

    I enjoyed reading this case study, it helped me put the puzzle pieces together on what I need to do with my own website.

    • Lance, yes, if you dont want to have to get the backlinks yourself we can do blogger outreach for you.

  14. Hey Adam,

    Quick question about grouping the key phrases into related phrases.

    You mentioned that you have put together a huge list of keywords for target market. Then grouped the key phrases into related phrases then eventually came up with one group of the key phrases for the writer:

    what to wear on a casual first date guys
    what to wear on a first date guys
    what to wear on a casual date men
    how to dress for a first date casual guys

    Can you please guide me whether you have provided all grouped key phrases from the huge list to the writer or just above group of the key phrases?

    Does the main purpose for that huge list of keywords is to find out which group of key phrases are being searched by a lot of people or mainly to group keywords into phases then narrow down to one group to provide for the writer?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Eric, I only send that smaller group of related key phrases to the writer. The purpose of the big group of key phrases is to find lots of topics that I can create power pages around.

      • Thanks Adam, did you install any SEO related apps from Shopify on this webiste?

        • Eric, great question. No I didn’t install any SEO apps. I just wrote in-depth content and then used SEOJet to build backlinks.

          • Thanks for the info Adam. Just last two questions hope you don’t mind. 1. Have you done any technical SEO for this blog post such as schema markup? 2. Does SEOJet provide any content writing service? I’m struggle to find good content writers who are capable to write a power page, nowadays most of the content writing service just work like robot which is lack of original ideas. Appreciated if you could refer me to some good content writer like Holly Moore. I’ve entered my email when I was submitting the comment. Please feel free to reach me to discuss. Thanks!

          • Eric, I haven’t done any technical SEO for the site. It’s amazing what a good backlink plan can do for rankings. I’ll see if I can find a referral for you of a top-level writer.

  15. Great post. These were excellent results for a brand new site which is more proof that SEOJet’s system works. I did have a question though, how much earlier in advance of the launch did you publish the site for indexing purposes? Was it a couple of weeks or so? PS Good job on fitting the word gaggle in on a post lol

  16. The website seo case study that you have mentioned in this article will help us identify what changes that we have to make in our website SEO to gain business online. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Nilesh, Im glad the case study was helpful.

  17. Wow, excellent case study. It’s a great achievement of gaining top spots of Google within 90 days only with a brand new site.

    • Hostie, yeah it is nice to see solid SEO strategy work like it should.

  18. WOW! 900 keywords in ahrefs now! awesome job for a fresh site. Thank you for sharing this case study.

    • Jakub, you’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

  19. Thats a really cool idea for building Authority around a new website.

    • Hey Anmol, yeah it works really well if you do it right.

  20. Adam,

    Does SEOJet show ahref stats! I think many would agree, buying 1 tool to help solve a problem, then having to buy other tools to verify the problem has been solved, ROFL, maybe you were smart enough to integrate ahref with SEOJET, however, I am not sure since I am just starting to look around.

    • Hey John, yes SEOJet can connect to your Ahrefs account and pull in all of the link data.

  21. Adam, love your case studies, this is a great way to promote t-shirts with longtail, out of the box keywords ๐Ÿ™‚

    • James, yeah it is surprising how many people buy t-shirts from the long-tail key phrases related to tight neck t-shirts.

  22. Awesome results! This is what I searching for. Thank you!

    • Glad it helped you Dobri.


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