We Make Link Building For Your SEO Clients Stupid Easy.

No more guessing which links to build and which anchor text to use. No more unnatural backlink profiles.

Backlink Management Software For SEOs & Marketers

Using proven backlink data from thousands of links pointing to #1 ranked websites in almost every niche, our backlink management tool gives you "fill in the blank" link building plans, so you dominate the SERPs for your clients.

Increase SEO Client Retention

What is the #1 thing your SEO clients want to see? Consistent growth in the search engines. Because SEOJet guides you to always have a 100% natural backlink profile, your clients rankings will grow quickly and consistently. This also means they'll be safe from Google updates.

@seojetdotnet "I have used SEO Jet for all of my SEO clients for almost 8 months and the results have been great. My clients love me! This software is stellar!"

@theSEOWhiz, Arizona

Build #1 Ranked Link Profiles Fast

This is not your grandmother's SEO software. This is for SEO professionals that manage clients or marketers with a sound knowledge base of how SEO works and how to build backlinks. Your SEO managers can use this software to easily manage the most important part of SEO, the link building.

SEOJet not only gives you exactly which links to build, but our built in guest post service gets your clients amazing backlinks on blogs that organic rankings and traffic. With a turn around time of less than 25 days your links will be natural and your rankings will rise faster than you have ever seen before.

Fix Bad Backlink Profiles

SEOJet can help you even if you have built hundreds or even thousands of links to a website.

We automatically pull in your link data and tell you what you need to do next to fix a backlink profile that isn't making progress in Google.

See The Case Studies

"In less than 3 months we were on page one of Google nationally for several of the biggest key phrases we were targeting."

Online Candy Store, Jacksonville, FL

Anchor Text Generator

Our software uses link maps to give you generate the anchor text for all of your backlinks so your links match the backlink profiles on page one of Google. The link maps are built for every page you are optimizing automatically so you can supercharge every link you get, helping you to rank faster and with less links.

Using proven #1 ranked backlink data from Google, SEOJet's link maps guide you to the right backlinks with maximum SEO force.

Adam has created a tool that is fool proof if you know how to get backlinks. Just add your SEO pages and then start filling in the blanks in your link map.

Rich, Bend OR

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3 Simple Steps to Get you started with SEOJet

Enter your TOP SEO pages

Just enter the pages you care about into SEOJet. We help you build amazing organic link profiles for every page of your website that you want to optimize.

SEOJet generates your link maps

For each page SEOJet builds a link building road map so you know exactly which links to build every time to get #1 rankings and stay safe from Google updates.

Start building the right backlinks

Use our members only premium guest posting service or get links your way and simply fill in the link maps we build for you and watch your rankings grow.

"My client's organic traffic has more than doubled!"

"I've been doing professional SEO for over 15 years and I can honestly say that SEOJet has been one of the best tools I've found in years! I find it instrumental in helping me pinpoint potential backlink ratio problems with a site. The software is easy to use and gives all of the needed metrics for solid off-site SEO optimization that real SEO professionals can rely on!

One of our clients have more than doubled their organic traffic since we started using SEOJet!"

Bear Newman - Bear Fox Marketing

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  • Connect your Ahrefs account to SEOJet to bring in links instantly.
  • Connect your Majestic account to SEOJet to bring in links instantly.
  • We automatically bring in links from Moz into SEOJet.

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