Links Are King – Content Is The Handmaiden

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It is well documented that “content is king” in the SEO world.

I have been on record as saying that is a myth.

Content is not king.

Links are king. Content is the handmaiden.

You can write the most amazing content in the world but if you don’t have links that point to that content, you will never sniff page 1 of Google.

So why does content matter?

Content serves the links.

Content supports the links.

Content gives the links their natural appearance.

Content exists so that you have something to link to.

Good luck trying to get a link from a DA 90+ website when you don’t have an awesome piece of content on your site.

Even if you’re willing to pay for it, they won’t do it.

But that’s the whole point, you write the content because you want the link.

Because more natural links mean higher rankings and more traffic.

More traffic means more money.

So the point is this;

You need to create some awesome pieces of content for your website.

I’m talking about 2000 words minimum.

And it can’t be fluff.

It needs to be good, engaging content.

It needs to link out to authority sites.

It needs to include graphics and images.

And you do all of this so you can get more links.

Google is not going to believe that 100 sites would link to a 500 word article with fluffy content.

That won’t look natural.

But a 2500 word article that is an authority on the topic it covers, that should get a ton of links.

And so you can get links pointing to that page and the rankings will increase. (As long as you have the right plan in place)

SEO Power Pages

These pages become your SEO power pages.

These are the pages where you can target your most important key phrases.

These are the pages that you build up the SEO value and pass that value to other pages in your site.

This strategy works so well because when you have pages where it’s unnatural to have a ton of content or links pointing to it, you can link to that page from your SEO power page and boost its rankings.

And everything looks extremely natural.

All of the link juice you get from linking to your power page gets passed on to whichever page on your site you want to boost.

Just make sure to link to that page in the content of the post.

If you want to see someone who does this really well, look at Backlinko’s blog or GotchSEO’s blog.

These guys spend weeks on one piece of content and then generate a ton of links.

And their posts rank like crazy.

No matter how you get links, you need to have awesome content to link to.

Something that is useful to your target audience or at least other people in your industry.

Solve their problems in the most detailed manner you can think of.

And make sure the content is 100% unique.

If you don’t have any “SEO Power Pages” on your site it’s time to get to work.

Go update an old post and make it great or start from scratch and write something amazing.

This is the most effective way I have found to do SEO in the post Google update era.

NOTE: An SEO Power Page does not have to be a blog post. Your “Home” page is a power page, although most of the links you get to that page will be brand related. It is also acceptable to have a non-blog post sub page as a power page as long as there is enough content to support it.

Don’t know what to write about?

Here is a sneaky trick that I have used to get blog post ideas that I know will solve my target audience’s problems.

I went to Quora and posted the question, “What are the problems keeping SEO consultants and agencies up at night?”

I then received 15 or so responses from my exact target audience telling me which problems they wanted help solving.

I took all of the answers and put them into a spreadsheet.

Now I can build my power pages based on those responses.

SEOJet Is Built For Power Pages

You can have success no matter how you do SEO if you use SEOJet.

However, if you build SEO power pages, SEOJet will make your rankings scream as they fly to the top of Google.

As soon as you add a website to the system we immediately create a link map for your Home page and then you can add as many power pages and sub-pages to the systems as you would like.

We build link maps for all of the pages so you can build #1 ranked link profiles for every page you are optimizing.

If you haven’t already, get your invitation to use SEOJet.

In case you were counting, I realize that this post is less than a 1000 words long.

This isn’t a “power page” this is a “make sure you are successful with SEOJet” page.

I deliberately wrote it to be a quick and easy-to-follow read.

Now quit counting my words and go write some amazing content.


  1. Great advice about content. I’ve been trying to keep my blog filled with deep content versus a lot of fluffy short content that I see passing for posts these days. It’s so funny because I’m always surprised by which article ends up attracting people from Google search. I’ve got a friend just starting up a site and I think I’ll send him this page so he doesn’t start off writing short, pointless articles.

    • Rob, thanks for the comment. Yeah meaty content with good links pointing to it is the key to success.

  2. Adam,

    I’m extremely grateful for your blogs and a very happy client, as you probably know 🙂

    I’ve noticed that the hyperlinks in your blogs don’t open up to new windows. My belief has always been that if the link opens to a new page then people will not leave your site and will spend more time on your blog. What is the best practice here?

  3. Hi Adam,

    How many Pages – posts can you link internally from your power pages?

    I am trying to understand how many power Pages I need to develop in order to link the 60-70 sub pages in my website.



    • Arturo, good question. I’m not sure there is a specific number. I have done it successfully with up to 30 internal links on my power pages. If your power pages have a lot of content (2000+ words) then I would just put as many as feels natural into the content.

  4. Hi Adam

    Great content as always.

    Quick question; in the spirit of natural link building, what is your policy on linking out to external sites?

    Authority sites appear to link out regularly, which, I would assume, looks natural to Google.

    This being so, I would assume that we should therefore do the same?

    Look forward to your insights.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Paul, your absolutely right. In fact when I guest post for anyone I always make sure I include several authority links besides my own link.

      • Makes sense. Thanks Adam.

  5. Thanks Adam,

    There is a lot of confusion about content. Many say that 500 words is enough, as long as there is a decent number of posts. But the idea of longer more detailed articles makes more sense to me.

    Last night, I was looking a blog post that related to an affiliate offer. When I saw a much better affiliate offer, I realized that in terms of keywords and content, the whole article needs to be rewritten, but that’s OK.

    People are confused by the idea of success. Providing a quality idea or product should be the reason we are in business in the first place. Putting money ahead of quality, or links ahead of quality content may result in short term success but in the end helps no one.

    • Eric, thanks for the comment. You are exactly right. Build something you can be proud of and then it is easy to get people to promote it for you.

  6. Adam. What do you think about text spinning ?

    • Martin, Im a big believer that nothing beats well written unique content that people will comment on and thank you for. So I don’t really do any text spinning.

  7. Should the internal links from the Power Page be exact match or natural?

    • Dave, you can definitely make them exact match but I will often make them “keyword plus” in other words it will be the keyword with some other words in the anchor.


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