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See where your site ranks in Google, and spy on your competition with this free tool provided by SEOJet!


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Our Google rank checker will show where your website ranks in search engine results.

This will help you understand what you need to do so that you can build a strategy to rank higher than your competitors.

Why Use Our Google Keyword Rank Checker?

Knowledge is power. Check your website ranking on Google to compare your website’s ranking and reach with your competitors’ search rankings.

You can use our validated statistics to build better SEO strategies and increase your website’s
visibility. This will lead to increased traffic to your website, which in turn will lead to increased
sales and sign-ups.

How Does the Google Website Rank Checker Work?

Our free Google rank checker aggregates google ranking information for your website and any other websites you specify (competitors) compiling them into an easy-to-understand dashboard so you can compare performance.

Save Money, Boost Your Search Rankings

Use the free SEOJet Google search rank checker to get valuable insight into how your website ranks in comparison to competitors. When you know what rank your website is, you can optimize the following to boost your rankings.

  • Increasing backlinks from strong trusted sources
  • Ensuring you have a good sitemap and internal links
  • Using keywords correctly in metadata and on-site copy (and choosing the right ones)
  • Creating web pages that are trustworthy, accurate and up-to-date
  • Optimizing the page load time for your website
  • Increasing the time on site for visitors and reducing the bounce rate
  • And improving lots of other factors such as page traffic, authorship, and quality

How to Use Our Free Search Ranking Tool

Perform a google ranking check for your website. All you need is your website address and the addresses of your competitor’s websites. Our Google rank checker will then populate a table with the comparison data.

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