Our SEO Competition Backlink Tools: A Quick Guide

SEO Competition Backlink Tools From SEOJet

Let’s be honest, as SEO professionals we love our reports. We especially love our competitor analysis reports.

How would you like to know what the top 10 ranked pages in your industry are doing? This is one of the most common questions new clients ask us. The truth is knowledge equals power.

In this blog, we’re going to take a deep dive into backlink data for top-ranked pages in your SEOJet account.

But first, allow us to introduce this exciting new SEOJet feature called the “Competitor Lock” report.

The Competitor Lock report will compare your backlinks to each #1 ranked page and display gauges to show you their link profiles. It breaks down what percent of links are blended, exact match, or natural. To rank higher, you’ll just have to match those percentages.

As you drill down deeper into each of the top ten results, you’ll notice how much content their page has compared to your page. SEOJet will also show you how often they are using keyphrases in their anchors (as compared to you) and backlinks that you don’t have.

Here is what you can find out from the Competitor Lock report:

  • Know exactly what types of anchors you need to beat your competition
  • Snipe the quality links your competitor has
  • See if you need to do a content upgrade on your page
  • See how many more links you need to catch the #1 page
  • See how your backlink profile compares to everyone in the top 10
  • And all the data you’ll need to make changes and overtake a top-ranked competitor

To view this report, just navigate to the page inside of SEOJet where you want to do the competitor analysis. Then, click on the “Top 10 Competitors” tab. You’ll see a list of the top 10 SERP results for your keyphrase.

SEO Jet top ten competitor link analysis

As you can see above, our competitor link analysis shows their number of homepage backlinks, links to ranking pages, and the amount of page content.

This is one of the most powerful SEO competition backlink tools on the market and gives you a good idea of what it’ll take to rank for a specific keyphrase.

This tool can also focus on just one of the top 10 listings You can do this by clicking on the green “Analyze” button, which shows you the gauges for that one specific page. It’s easy to compare their backlink profile with yours.

SEO Jet competitor backlink profile

For a more precise side-by-side SEO competitor analysis, click on the “Competitor Lock” button. It’s pictured in orange.

SEO Jet Competitor Lock

This will open a more in-depth comparison chart showing where your page stands against a competitor.

SEO Jet competitor analysis tool

The “Competitor Lock” report above shows how you compare using the main metrics: page backlinks, homepage backlinks, keyword frequency, page content, and anchor distribution.

If you feel like your rankings are stuck or not moving fast enough, doing this side-by-side comparison is a great way to see what’s missing. Rankings should go back up once you make a few adjustments to your site.

SEOJet lists each of your competitors’ backlinks along with what anchor text they used, domain authority, and if any of the backlinks have their own backlinks.

Check Your Competitor Keyword Anchor Text Strategy

Once you know the competition’s links and anchor texts, you can get a handle on their anchor text strategy. Let’s take a look below at how you can determine the exact reason for ranking lower using our SEO competition backlink tools.

SEO competitor keyword strategy

You may be surprised to learn that you’ve been implementing the wrong types of anchor texts for your links. And that’s ok, with SEOJet you can change course and start improving your rankings.

How Many High DA and Low DA Backlinks Do I Need to Match The Competition?

Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out whether you need high or low DA backlinks. When you’re using SEOJet to look at competitors in the top 10, we show you the exact backlinks each competitor has pointing to their ranked page.

SEO Jet competitor DA distribution

Beside each link is the anchor text used and the domain authority (DA). You can sort this list by “DA” and quickly find out what range you’ll need to compete.

One common question our team gets from new clients is: “how many DA 30 links should I get versus DA 10-20 backlinks?” With our custom-built SEO competition backlink tools, you’ll know exactly what to build. And everything will look natural.

Sniping Your Competitors’ Backlinks

SEO is a competitive field. You know this and so does your competition. One thing SEOJet allows you to do is to snipe backlinks from your competitors using the “Competitor Link Opportunities” section.

Our SEO competition backlink tools analyze every single backlink and then create a list of all of the backlinks your competitors have but you don’t have. Take a look below.

SEOJet link opps - backlin opportunities

We used to include this as part of the “Competitor Lock” report, but once the list of backlink opportunities surpassed 1,000 we decided to create “Link Opps.”

Besides generating a list, SEOJet also looks at how relevant the link opportunity is for your industry and niche. The system will also take into account the number of backlinks per page and how many external links are present. Then, we give each page an “Engage Score.”

This score goes from 10-100 (we made 10 the minimum because every link has some inherent value, even if it is very minimal). Any link opportunity with a score above 50 should definitely be looked at to see if you can also get a link from that page.

We even include outreach tools to help you track your interactions with each backlink opportunity.

Why Should You Run an SEO Competitor Analysis on Your Competition?

If your competitors rank above you in Google, then it’s wise to get an inside look at where they are getting backlinks, and what their anchor text ratios look like.

But, you should always know how those in Google’s top ten are building backlinks with our SEO competition backlink tools. Whatever they’re doing works and, by extension, Google is telling you exactly what needs to be done to rank that high.

You’ll also find that anchor text ratios will shift niche by niche, so it’s extremely important to know what Google expects to see based on the actual keyphrases you’re targeting.

Another benefit of knowing your competitors’ links is that oftentimes you can find really good link opportunities. These can be leads for going after your own new links.

By using SEOJet, you’ll be able to obtain some high-quality backlinks using our link maps. Either way, you should construct a consistent SEO strategy and keep moving forward regardless of what your competitors are doing.

That just makes good marketing sense!

Ready To Try Our SEO Competitor Analysis Tool?

If you’re a member of SEOJet you can log in to your account and start running “Competitor Lock” reports now.

Or, if you haven’t already, check this out to see how SEOJet works. Our SEO competition backlink tools will change the game for your agency!

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SEO Jet competitor DA distributionSEO Jet competitor DA distribution

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