What Are Guest Posts? SEOJet’s Ultimate Guest Post Guide

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What Are Guest Posts Exactly? Here’s a Comprehensive Guide from SEOJet

Our mission at SEOJet is to make the link-building process easy and effective for marketing agencies, SEO professionals, and business owners. 

Guest posts are the key to building your brand’s authority and obtaining strong backlinks for your site.  

SEOJet clients have been experiencing unprecedented success with our backlink management software that guides them in building the right backlinks every time. 

But, the fact is not all backlinks or guest posts are created equal. There is a right way and a wrong way to build backlinks through guest posts.

Have you recently started a website and now you’re asking yourself: “what are guest posts?” Keep reading below to learn everything you need to know about getting started.

Anatomy of an Effective Guest Post

Most guest posting services offer clients a choice between targeting sites with high traffic or high domain authority. 

High domain authority is important but we’ve found it can be misleading. While conducting blog outreach our team has come across many DA 30+ blogs that have zero rankings and zero traffic. 

These blogs may have a high DA but they aren’t useful without traffic.

Here is what SEOJet focuses on when classifying blogs:

As you can see there are multiple factors to be considered. Sites with high domain authority sound nice but they don’t always give us what we need. 

We’ve found that a blog’s organic traffic on Google is the most critical factor. 

This means a blog has authority in the eyes of Google and the thousands of visitors who read it each month. 

When seeking out guest posts, you should focus on building branded anchors to your homepage and links from referring domains to individual site pages.

Guest Post Length

Nearly all guest posting services on the web offer 500-word articles. Even though it’s considered the industry standard, you want to avoid recognizable patterns when doing SEO.

By this we mean you don’t want to do the same thing over and over again. 

Here at SEOJet, 95% of guest posts ordered choose the default of 500 words.

This means there are hundreds of thousands of 500-word guest posts (usually with just one external link) on the internet.

Our team is concerned that this is a pattern leaving a huge footprint. That’s why we strongly recommended clients make their guest posts at least 750 words.

Even better would be ordering guest posts with a minimum of 1,000 words. 

Not only does this allow you to provide more in-depth content but it won’t get trapped in the 500-word pattern. 

Guest Post Sections

If you have ever written a regular blog for your website, then you know how to do a guest post. The only difference is that it will include specific anchor texts with a link back to your site (we’ll talk more about anchor texts later in this guide).

First, you’ll need to write a title and subtitle that include your targeted keywords. 

Remember that you’re writing for human beings, not Google bots. Therefore, your writing should be conversational and readable. 

Keep in mind that this blog will appear on a different website, so it needs to match that site’s style. 

The content or information you share should be accurate, up-to-date, and presented in a way to help answer a reader’s questions. 

And, most importantly, you want to add a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that gets readers interested in visiting your website to learn more. 

The bio you provide to appear at the bottom of the guest post can also build your professional authority. You want it to be written in a way that positions you as an expert in your niche. 

Learning What Are Guest Posts Types

We are big believers in the power of high-quality guest posts. 

In fact, we have built page one rankings for our own site with 70-80% fewer backlinks than our competitors because we focus on quality over quantity. 

So, how do we do it?

The best way to know what type of links you need is to do a competitor backlink analysis.

With these results, you can easily see how to beat your competitors with our Competitor Lock report. See below: 

competitor link analysis

This report looks at your #1 ranked competitor or a custom URL. Whichever you choose, it shows you why they’ve ranked ahead of you and what you can do to beat them.

There are some other really cool things the software does. To learn more, go check out this recorded demo

SEOJet can help you naturally build trust with Google. Our link maps will guide your guest posting efforts so that every link you build will have a real purpose and will move you toward a #1 ranked backlink profile.

We also sell guest post backlinks inside of SEOJet to make it easy to get started. 

Generating SEOJet Link Maps

For each page that you are trying to get ranked on Google, SEOJet creates a “link map.”

A link map is a road map for your backlink strategy. It also generates an anchor text suggestion that will help keep your anchor text ratios natural.

Link map from SEOJet

Not having a natural backlink profile can result in Google penalties. That’s why it’s so important to use the right anchor texts in your guest posts. 

High Traffic vs. Domain Authority

Clients can purchase guest posts from websites that get a lot of traffic or have high domain authority. 

Guest posts can be published on websites with thousands or tens of thousands of monthly visitors, based on their goals and budget. The higher the traffic, the more expensive the guest post would be. 

The idea is that a site with a high amount of traffic is seen as an authority by Google. 

On the flip side, clients can also request that their guest posts appear on-site with high domain authority (ranging from 0 to 100). 

Sites like Google.com, Microsoft.com, or CNN.com have a domain author of 96 or higher.

While these sites receive a lot of traffic as well, their true value lies in the trust given to them by Google. 

As a client, you can focus on them both equally or decide if there’s one that will give you a better return on investment. 

How Does Guest Posting Help Your Ranking?

SEO professionals have known for years that links are one of Google’s top-ranking factors. The theory behind this is that one website linking to another shows trustworthiness. The site receiving the link is also considered an authority on a specific topic. 

Google ranks sites based on guidelines known as E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Links between sites can hit all three of those. 

Years ago many in the SEO field set out making hundreds or thousands of backlinks for their clients. The problem was so many of them were low-quality or spammy. More recently, Google tightened up the guidelines for an effective backlink.

While it’s harder to produce quality backlinks, those that make it are that much more valuable.

Google will analyze all of the backlinks leading to your website and determine their quality based on several factors. If the content is good and the referring site is authoritative, you’ll see a bump in your search rankings. 

That’s why it’s so important to obtain quality backlinks with a service like SEOJet.  

Anchor Text Best Practices 

Why are anchor texts so important?

Not only do they signal to Google and website visitors what to expect from the link, but how you make anchor texts can have positive or negative effects on your SEO. 

Here at SEOJet, we’ve identified 12 anchor text categories:

  • Brand
  • Generic
  • WebsiteName.com
  • Full URL  
  • Keyword 
  • Brand plus keyword 
  • Keyword plus 
  • Page Title 
  • Partial Keyword 
  • Empty Anchor 
  • Home URL
  • URL with no HTTP 

Furthermore, we consolidated all 12 into three main groups: Blended Anchors, Exact Match Anchors, Natural Anchors.

This means you have many options when writing anchor texts. The problem is you need to have a natural-looking mix of different anchor texts to avoid being penalized by Google. 

The thing that makes SEOJet so much different than any other source for guest posting is that our entire service is built around backlink software that guides you through the link-building process.

For every page that you build links to, we show you how natural your backlink profile looks to Google and give you anchor text suggestions that will actually get you positive results in Google.

There is no guessing what to do next.

Imagine getting top value out of every single backlink you get.

What’s even better is that we analyze the top-10 ranked pages for your main key phrase and build out a plan to match and beat top-ranked sites.

custom anchor text ratios

What Is a Typical Guest Post Turnaround?

One of the first questions we get from clients at SEOJet is what are guest posts turnarounds and how long it will take to start affecting their rankings?

Our average turnaround time for a link is 30 days or less, but our team is always working on revamping our systems and improving efficiencies.

New clients can immediately begin ordering high-value guest posts through their SEOJet account.

SEOJet’s emphasis is always on obtaining high-quality and niche-relevant guest posts because those will always perform better.  

Each guest post will include links out to authority sites (a huge natural signal to Google), internal links to other pages in the blog (another signal), and of course the link.

Let SEOJet help you naturally build trust with Google. Our link maps will guide your backlinking efforts so that every link you build will have a real purpose and will move you toward a #1 ranked backlink profile.

See how SEOJet works here.

Buying Guest Posts vs. Manual Outreach

You do have the option of obtaining your own guest posts. This involves you or a member of your staff manually reaching out to hundreds of websites asking for a backlink. 

Doing it on your own takes a lot of time and effort to get the results you want.

With SEOJet, on the other hand, all you have to do is click on the green “Order This Link Now” button inside your link map. Provide us with your anchor text and we’ll create the content around your key phrase. 

Our team will even coordinate outreach to the most relevant publisher. 

If you still need some convincing, here’s some information about our new JetFuel system. 

What Is JetFuel?

JetFuel is a backlink scoring system that uses organic rankings and organic traffic as a key performance indicator.

This means we are not just looking at domain authority anymore. We want to see how much authority a blog has by looking at the metric that actually matters: organic traffic.

How We Calculate JetFuel For A Blog

The calculation of JetFuel is very simple. We’re just using the minimum organic traffic levels (according to Ahrefs) as the score.

For example, blogs with 1,000-5,000 organic visitors per month get the score of JetFuel 1000+.

Blogs that have organic traffic from 5,000-10,000 are scored JetFuel 5000+. And so on.

The higher a website’s organic traffic and rankings, the higher its JetFuel score will be.

Next, we filter out blogs that have under 1,000 organic visitors per month.

We believe a DA 18 blog that ranks for 1,000 key phrases and gets 1,500 visitors a month from Google traffic is way more valuable than a DA 42 blog that ranks for nothing and gets no traffic.

Note: We understand that the ranking and traffic numbers aren’t totally accurate from Ahrefs but it is close enough to give us a baseline to work off of.

This is how you ensure that backlinks from guest posts have real SEO value.

We help you get faster rankings with fewer links by obtaining links from blogs with real traffic and rankings.

That is the SEOJet commitment to you.

Looking for Effective Guest Posts?

Because we are so heavily involved in the link-building process we understand exactly what it takes to build a natural backlink profile.

We can help you answer the question: what are guest posts for my business or niche? Then we’ll tell you the exact type to build. 

Contrary to what others may say about SEO, link building is still the most effective way to climb the search results.

Guest Post Prices

SEOJet account holders enjoy discounts on guest posts based on our system of domain authority:

SEOJet prices according to domain authority

We also offer SEOJet members-only pricing for JetFuel:

SEOJet members-only prices for JetFuel services

Even though the guest post links are high-quality we can bring them to you at hugely discounted prices because we have so many SEO agencies ordering through our system.

Here are some sample guest posts from each of the JetFuel scoring ranges. This will help you get a good idea of what you can expect.

JR 1000+ Sample Guest Post

Post: https://womenlite.com/most-popular-dog-breeds/

Organic Traffic: 1.8k+ visitors/mo

Organic Keywords: 4.4k+

JR 5000+ Sample Guest Post

Post: https://www.rafichowdhury.com/what-makes-for-effective-seo-and-how-to-take-advantage-of-it/

Organic Traffic: 7k+ visitors/mo

Organic Keywords: 13.8k+

Ready to Sign Up for SEOJet?

SEOJet is software that helps you build a #1 ranked backlink profile really fast using proven data from Google.

It gives you a road map to follow for every link you build.

It looks at the backlinks you already have to each page and then shows you what you need to do to build out a #1 ranked backlink profile.

In other words, combined with our guest post service it puts your link building on (legal) steroids. And what are guest posts exactly? They’re blogs you write for other publishers that contain a link back to your site for better SEO. 

Try our 14-day free trial to see how it works for your business. 

Try SEOJet for free:

Start 14 day SEOJet trial


  1. Shaun

    Hi Adam, I cannot see the option to buy links within my seojet account. When will this be available please?

    • Adam White

      Look for the green Add Links To Cart button on each link of the link map.

  2. Shaun

    Thanks, but cant see it there just yet. Hopefuly soon 🙂

  3. Dino

    what is the DA of these link?

    • Adam White

      Dino, the DA ranges from DA10+ to DA50+ although I recommend buying guest posts based on organic traffic. You can see the DA ranges and the prices in the article.

  4. Concerned citizen

    In JR 45+ Sample Guest Post #2 both links are no-follow

    • Adam White

      Concerned citizen, thanks for pointing that out. The majority of guest post links we will secure for you will be dofollow. Having said that, what we have seen in looking at #1 ranked backlink profiles across all industries is that on average 30% of backlinks to pages that rank #1 are nofollow. So we don’t mind that a few nofollow links get placed here and there. It actually makes the backlink profile look more natural.

      • Jeff Millett

        I’m a big fan of these links! I absolutely love the fact that some of the links I buy may or may not be nofollow. Just as you’ve indicated Adam it makes them look so much more natural – at that should be the #1 goal for any SEO/Business owner. The whole reason Panda, Penguin, etc has such a HUGE effect on so many websites is because EVERYONE had the EXACT same backlink profiles and Google was able to peg them ALL in one shot! Yes, strong DA is good. Yes, traffic to a site is good. Yes, more content on your linked pages is good. All the factors you want for a “Good” backlink are good but in the end a “natural” link profile is the goal. Adam, thanks for bringing a more organic approach to link building back into the SEO world.

        • Adam White

          Jeff, Im glad you see the value in getting links from blogs with real traffic.

      • Caleb

        I’m interested how exactly does this work? Do I have to write the blogs? And purchase the link? I want to learn more.

        • Adam White

          Hey Caleb, no we write the content with native English speakers who are knowledgeable in the topic they will write about. You simply pay for the guest post you want and we do the rest.

  5. Guest Blogger

    Thanks Adam.SeoJet is new for me and I am interested in the used by you approach when building it to give it a try today.The test option is one of the things I like before purchasing any software because first of all this shows some kind of reliability,so – good choice here too.As for the link building by articles posting I also think that many people using article spinners don’t realize the mentioned on here footprints.I reckon after some time such short lenght posts will be badly hit by some new invention by Google.This is the century of AI so such an action is only a matter of time.
    Bye for now-I am going to try SeoJet now.

    Regards: Nick

    • Adam White

      Nick, yeah you definitely want to use real content when do you do blogger outreach. Spun articles are a risky strategy.

  6. Pablo

    Hi Adam, long time SEO Jet user here, and I really like the tool. I’ve never used the tool for buying guest posts to date however. Traditionally we are very fussy on the content we put out, so handing that side of it over worries me. How do you measure content quality for the posts that are going out? And particularly when the subject matter might be quite niche, how do I know it won’t be poorly written posts that don’t understand the subject matter?

    • Adam White

      Hey Pablo, those are great questions. We try to do a good job creating top notch content but obviously our writers wont be experts in every niche. If you are really concerned about it, email me directly and we can discuss you guys providing the content for the guest posts.

      • Ed

        You don’t have to build links as a representative of the company… in fact, more than half of your link placements or acquisitions should appear to be other writers not even affiliated with the brand. Less footprints, more natural.

        • Adam White

          Hey Ed, thanks for the comment. I agree, and think it is better if most of your contextual backlinks come from guest posts where you aren’t the author.

  7. iswanto

    what this backlink guest posts safety to spam score?

    • Adam White

      If you do guest posting in a genuine way where you are truly trying to guest post on real blogs and add real value to the internet then it isn’t considered spam.

  8. EmmiJade

    Interesting. I’m a blog content manager and I’m testing out new ways to build backlinks. I’ll have to add this service to my list of things to try. I might have to try out just your DA-centric service first, as the other service looks a little pricey for my taste, but I’ll show it to my client and if he approves it we might go forward with the other service.

    looks great, can’t wait to test it out!

    • Adam White

      EmmiJade, thanks for the comment. We try to make the JetRank links as affordable as possible because they do pass such great SEO value. Best of luck.

  9. Rahul Tripathi

    It’s really nice information, thanks for sharing.

    • Adam White

      Rahul, I’m glad you enjoyed the information. Give our guest posting service a shot and let me know what you think.

  10. Michael

    Guest Posting is one of the best methods to build quality backlinks and as per your words, it is not that easy to pick any website for guest posting. One must need to maintain the relevancy. Guest Posting must be done on the relevant websites only.

    • Adam White

      Michael, I agree that guest posting on relevant blogs is super important. Thanks for the comment.

  11. Jerry

    That’s a nice offer. Too bad it’s not available for the languages my websites are in. Any plans of spreading out?

    • Adam White

      Hey Jerry, if the demand gets large enough we may expand into other languages. For now it is just English though.

  12. Tina

    Hey there, looking for information on making my crafting blog even better especially since I’ve started selling items through there. Your article was very helpful to someone like me who is recently new to the blogging world but I was able to see the direct results of guest posts and the cost it would be without any surprises. Thanks for putting this together.

    • Adam White

      Tina, Im glad it was helpful. Guest post backlinks are really valuable in the SEO world.

  13. Emma Myers

    This is very convenient to have built in, especially for someone new to learning SEO. I think if I do a few guest posts, I can get the feel of it and feel more confident to expand and find blogs on my own for guest posts.

    • Adam White

      Emma, yeah this is why we did it. Our users wanted a one-stop-shop for building backlinks.

  14. John Gilmore

    Thanks for sharing the guest post guide. Really helpful article thanks once again.

    • Adam White

      John, no problem. There is a real difference in guest post quality depending on where you look. It always helps to know the metrics that matter.

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    Thanks For share a such a great information Hey i am intresting for the guest posting service to my clients also

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      Abdul, look forward to having you join the SEOJet community.

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    • Adam White

      Alex, thanks for the comment. 10x-ing is a good strategy.

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    Thanks for sharing. Nice information.

  19. jason wu

    Thank you for sharing, I agree with your point of view “If you want to get the true value of a backlink then you need to look at the most critical factor, a blogs organic traffic from Google.”

    On this basis, I upgraded it to “organic traffic is greater than the number of keyword rankings”, which is better to withdraw its value.

    I don’t fully agree with the “DA” weight to measure charges, because your price is too high and violates the value you said;

    • Adam White

      Hey Jason, yeah Google organic traffic is the biggest indicator of value. We have guest posts by DA because that is the industry standard but even those will still have organic traffic as we dont post on worthless blogs that dont rank for anything.

  20. Rahul

    After reading this post, i got new ideas. I really like the idea of posting guest post for website ranking for 1000 keywords with DA 18 rather than posting it to DA 40 with no traffic. I am also looking for guest posting ideas. Thanks

    • Adam White

      Rahul, i’m glad you found it useful. Getting backlinks from high quality blogs that actually rank in Google and are relevant to your website is always the better strategy.

  21. jabran shafique

    Hi Adam,
    i just watch your video and its really amazing and easy to use as ABC. I wish i could use your software if you give some discounts as smaller businesses websites.

    • Adam White

      Jabran, we do have specials that run from time to time on our guest posts. Hope you can join the SEOJet family soon.

      • John

        I can’t wait, however, I have put most of my money into the site. I do not think most people really under that SEO is a long-term investment, so it would not be uncommon for someone to spend $500-$1000 a month for SEO, and once you rank for your keywords then you can just do SEO in order to maintain your rankings. Some blog posts/products may be easy to rank, while the more profitable products take more money & time to rank, but once they do, then it is game on, ROFL.


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