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Buy Premium Guest Posting Links On Blogs With Established Google Trust

You asked and we listened.

Our number one goal at SEOJet is to make the link building process as easy and as effective as possible for SEO agencies and marketers.

Our users are experiencing unprecedented success with our backlink management software but they wanted a more integrated service to be able to buy guest posts right from inside the software.

We launched our blogger outreach service last year but I’m really excited to announce that our guest posting service is about to get even better.

I have always been hesitant to get guest posts based on domain authority (DA) because even though the entire SEO industry uses it, it can be a false metric.

There are a lot of DA 30+ blogs out there that have zero rankings and zero traffic.

A link from a blog like this to me holds very little value.

Here is what I think truly matters when it comes to link building:

Using just Domain Authority as the only metric to value a link is an extremely flawed way to build backlinks.

But almost everyone does it.

If you want to get the true value of a backlink then you need to look at the most critical factor, a blogs organic traffic.

Looking at organic traffic is the biggest indicator that a blog has authority in the eyes of Google. You would have to rank for a lot of key phrases to get a 1000 visitors a month from organic results.

And if you rank for a lot of key phrases, Google trusts you.

This is why I decided to create a new scoring system for guest post blogs.

SEOJet’s New Link Scoring System – JetRank

I’m super excited to introduce our new backlink scoring system – JetRank.

What Is JetRank?

JetRank is a backlink scoring system that uses organic rankings and organic traffic as a key performance indicator.

This means we are not just looking at domain authority anymore. We want to see how much authority a blog has by looking at the metric that actually matters, organic traffic.

How We Calculate JetRank For A Blog

Calculation of JetRank is very simple. We are just using the minimum organic traffic levels (according to Ahrefs) as the score.

For example, blogs with 1,000-5,000 organic visitors per month get the score of JetRank 1000+.

Blogs that have organic traffic from 5,000-10,000 getting the score of JetRank 5000+. And so on and so forth.

The higher a websites organic traffic and rankings are, the higher their JetRank score will be.

Step 1: We filter out blogs that have under 1000 organic visitors per month.

I am making this major change because to me a DA 18 blog that ranks for 1000 key phrases and gets 1500 visitors a month from Google traffic is way more valuable than a DA 42 blog that ranks for nothing and gets no traffic.

Note: We understand that the ranking and traffic numbers aren’t totally accurate from Ahrefs but it is close enough to give us a baseline to work off of.

This is how you ensure that backlinks from guest posts have real SEO value.

I have always preached that SEOJet can help you get faster rankings with less links, and it will come from getting links from blogs with real traffic and rankings.

That is our commitment to you.

Turn Around Times

This is the other major change to our guest posting service.

We have totally revamped our fulfilment team and are turn around times for a link is now at 24 days or less.

Turn Around Time For Link Orders: 24 Days Or Less

We have been hard at work getting everything in place so that you can immediately start ordering these new high-value guest post links directly from your SEOJet account.

I’ve personally spent a lot of time to ensure that every guest post link you get be high-quality and niche relevant. (This is a guest post service we use for SEOJet)

Apart from the new JetRank score each guest post will include links out to other authority sites (a huge natural signal to Google), internal links to other pages in the blog (another signal), and of course your link.

Why should you let SEOJet help you with blogger outreach?

Because we are so heavily involved in the link building process, we understand exactly what it takes to build an amazing natural backlink profile. Contrary to what others may say about SEO, link building is still the most effective way to climb the search results.

Guest Post Prices

We will have 5 options for JetRank guest post purchases to start.

SEOJet Members Only Pricing:

JetRank (JR) 1,000+ Guest Post – $175 $150/each
JR 5,000+ Guest Post – $240 $210/each
JR 10,000+ Guest Post – $300 $275/each
JR 20,000+ Guest Post – $375 $320/each
JR 50,000+ Guest Post – $425 $365/each

Even though the guest post links are high quality we are able to bring them to you at hugely discounted prices because we have so many SEO agencies ordering through our system.

Sample Guest Posts Under The New JetRank System

Because this is a new way to score a blog, I am including a sample guest post from each of the JetRank scoring ranges. This will help you get a good idea of what you can expect.

JR 1000+ Sample Guest Post
Organic Traffic: 1.8k+ visitors/mo
Organic Keywords: 4.4k+

JR 5000+ Sample Guest Post
Organic Traffic: 7k+ visitors/mo
Organic Keywords: 13.8k+

What About Your Regular DA Guest Posting Service?

We still have our guest posting service that is priced by DA of the guest post blog.

Because we care so much about quality, even these links will be on blogs that most of the time do have some organic rankings and traffic so they will pass SEO juice.

Here is our members-only pricing for the regular DA guest post links:

DA 10-19: $65
DA 20-29: $80
DA 30-34: $110
DA 35-39: $130

Why We Care So Much About Organic Traffic

Probably the biggest factor in SEO now is Google trust. The more trust you can establish with Google the higher your rankings are going to be.

There are a few ways to help establish that trust like building branded anchors to your homepage. But the referring domains that link to your site also matter a lot.

Just like you want Google to trust your brand, you want those that link to you to also have Google’s trust. The best way we can know if a website is trusted by Google is to see how well they rank and how much organic traffic that site gets. That is how Google shows trust. So we seek links from these websites so that they pass that trust onto us.

A Word About Guest Post Article Content

Anytime you are doing link building in SEO you want to avoid recognizable patterns.

One thing we have noticed is that almost all guest posting services on the internet, all do a default 500 word article.

And 95% of guest posts ordered from us choose the default.

This means there are hundreds of thousands of 500 word guest posts (usually with just one external link) on the internet.

To me this is leaving a huge footprint of purchased guest posts and so because of this we strongly recommend making your article length at least 750 words.

We recommend you do a minimum of 1000 words when you do buy guest posts as a best practice but we’ll leave that up to you.

We only use US based native English speakers for the articles so the content quality is extremely high.

Automatic Link Map Updating

When you order your links through your SEOJet link map we will automatically update your link map with the published link once it is live. This makes the link building process almost automated.

My goal is to make the link building process extremely easy and now you don’t have to jump from site to site to use SEOJet.

To order links through SEOJet just log into your account and go to the link map of the page you want to order links for. Look for the green Order This Link Now button:

And then choose the best guest post option for your website:

Niche Edits

Apart from guest posts on established blogs we also offer another service to help you get links on established blog posts. It is our niche edits backlinking service. You can learn more about niche edits here.

How Can SEOJet Help You Build A #1 Ranked Backlink Profile?

If you are new to SEOJet and are wondering why you need to join SEOJet in order to get access to our premium guest posting service, let me give some explanation.

What Is SEOJEt?

SEOJet is software that helps you build a #1 ranked backlink profile really fast using proven data from Google.

It gives you a road map to follow for every link you build.

It looks at the backlinks you already have to each page and then shows you what you need to do to build out a #1 ranked backlink profile.

In otherwords, combined with our guest blogging service it puts your link building on (legal) sterroids.

SEOJet literally tells you what anchor text to use for every backlink you get. It uses backlink data from #1 ranked pages in Google to help you build a backlink profile that matches other #1 ranked pages.

Link Maps

For each page that you are trying to get ranked on Google, SEOJet creates a “link map”.

A link map is a road map for your backlink strategy. It is where we show you what your current backlink profile looks like and which anchor text you need to do next to keep things looking natural.

Competitor Analysis

Another awesome feature that helps you know what you need to do to rank #1 is our Competitor Lock report.

This report looks at either the #1 ranked competitor or you can choose a custom URL to check and shows you why they are ranked ahead of you and what you can do to beat them.

SEOJet Competitor Lock Report

There are some other really cool things the software does but to learn more I recommend you go check out the demo I recorded where I also show you some really cool and easy to follow SEO strategy.

Let SEOJet help you naturally build trust with Google. Our link maps will guide your backlinking efforts so that every link you build will have real purpose and will move you toward a #1 ranked backlink profile.

See how SEOJet works here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the turn around time for the guest posts?

Turn around time depends on the size of the order. Typical turn around time will be anywhere from 24-34 days.

2. Are there any categories or niches you don’t service?

We don’t do gambling, adult or Rx links. FatJoe and the Hoth are a good source for those niches.

3. How does your service compare to other guest posting services out there?

We are one of very few guest posting services that don’t only look at Domain Authority as the only metric to choose guest blogging sites. Because we look at ratings from Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic the quality of our blogs is higher. Then we factor in referring domains, organic rankings and organic traffic of the blogs we guest post on and that separates us from the rest. Also because the orders are placed inside of SEOJet you have the option of having us update your link maps, further automating the process.

4. How long are the guest posts?

The guest posts default to 750 words in length (250 words higher than almost every other link building company). You can order content upgrades for each guest post.

5. How do I order guest posts from you?

Our guest posting service is offered to user of SEOJet’s backlink software. In order to take advantage of our blogger outreach service you must first join SEOJet.

Then you can place orders directly from our link maps which will help guide your link building decisions.

Ready to get started?

This awesome new guest posting service is one of the members-only benefits from SEOJet.

If you’re not a member of SEOJet, click here to see how SEOJet will change your link building forever.

Or if you’re ready to join, click here to get started.

If you’re already a member of SEOJet:

Login to your SEOJet account and start ordering guest post links.


  1. Hi Adam, I cannot see the option to buy links within my seojet account. When will this be available please?

    • Look for the green Add Links To Cart button on each link of the link map.

  2. Thanks, but cant see it there just yet. Hopefuly soon 🙂

  3. what is the DA of these link?

    • Dino, the DA ranges from DA 10-39 although sometimes we do placements on DA40+ blogs as well. You can see the DA ranges and the prices in the article.

  4. In JR 45+ Sample Guest Post #2 both links are no-follow

    • Concerned citizen, thanks for pointing that out. The majority of guest post links we will secure for you will be dofollow. Having said that, what we have seen in looking at #1 ranked backlink profiles across all industries is that on average 30% of backlinks to pages that rank #1 are nofollow. So we don’t mind that a few nofollow links get placed here and there. It actually makes the backlink profile look more natural.

      • I’m a big fan of these links! I absolutely love the fact that some of the links I buy may or may not be nofollow. Just as you’ve indicated Adam it makes them look so much more natural – at that should be the #1 goal for any SEO/Business owner. The whole reason Panda, Penguin, etc has such a HUGE effect on so many websites is because EVERYONE had the EXACT same backlink profiles and Google was able to peg them ALL in one shot! Yes, strong DA is good. Yes, traffic to a site is good. Yes, more content on your linked pages is good. All the factors you want for a “Good” backlink are good but in the end a “natural” link profile is the goal. Adam, thanks for bringing a more organic approach to link building back into the SEO world.

        • Jeff, Im glad you see the value in getting links from blogs with real traffic.

  5. Thanks Adam.SeoJet is new for me and I am interested in the used by you approach when building it to give it a try today.The test option is one of the things I like before purchasing any software because first of all this shows some kind of reliability,so – good choice here too.As for the link building by articles posting I also think that many people using article spinners don’t realize the mentioned on here footprints.I reckon after some time such short lenght posts will be badly hit by some new invention by Google.This is the century of AI so such an action is only a matter of time.
    Bye for now-I am going to try SeoJet now.

    Regards: Nick

    • Nick, yeah you definitely want to use real content when do you do blogger outreach. Spun articles are a risky strategy.

  6. Hi Adam, long time SEO Jet user here, and I really like the tool. I’ve never used the tool for buying guest posts to date however. Traditionally we are very fussy on the content we put out, so handing that side of it over worries me. How do you measure content quality for the posts that are going out? And particularly when the subject matter might be quite niche, how do I know it won’t be poorly written posts that don’t understand the subject matter?

    • Hey Pablo, those are great questions. We try to do a good job creating top notch content but obviously our writers wont be experts in every niche. If you are really concerned about it, email me directly and we can discuss you guys providing the content for the guest posts.

      • You don’t have to build links as a representative of the company… in fact, more than half of your link placements or acquisitions should appear to be other writers not even affiliated with the brand. Less footprints, more natural.

        • Hey Ed, thanks for the comment. I agree, and think it is better if most of your contextual backlinks come from guest posts where you aren’t the author.

  7. what this backlink guest posts safety to spam score?

    • If you do guest posting in a genuine way where you are truly trying to guest post on real blogs and add real value to the internet then it isn’t considered spam.

  8. Interesting. I’m a blog content manager and I’m testing out new ways to build backlinks. I’ll have to add this service to my list of things to try. I might have to try out just your DA-centric service first, as the other service looks a little pricey for my taste, but I’ll show it to my client and if he approves it we might go forward with the other service.

    looks great, can’t wait to test it out!

    • EmmiJade, thanks for the comment. We try to make the JetRank links as affordable as possible because they do pass such great SEO value. Best of luck.

  9. It’s really nice information, thanks for sharing.

    • Rahul, I’m glad you enjoyed the information. Give our guest posting service a shot and let me know what you think.

  10. Guest Posting is one of the best methods to build quality backlinks and as per your words, it is not that easy to pick any website for guest posting. One must need to maintain the relevancy. Guest Posting must be done on the relevant websites only.

    • Michael, I agree that guest posting on relevant blogs is super important. Thanks for the comment.

  11. That’s a nice offer. Too bad it’s not available for the languages my websites are in. Any plans of spreading out?

    • Hey Jerry, if the demand gets large enough we may expand into other languages. For now it is just English though.

  12. Hey there, looking for information on making my crafting blog even better especially since I’ve started selling items through there. Your article was very helpful to someone like me who is recently new to the blogging world but I was able to see the direct results of guest posts and the cost it would be without any surprises. Thanks for putting this together.

    • Tina, Im glad it was helpful. Guest post backlinks are really valuable in the SEO world.


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