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What are curated backlinks?

Curated backlinks (also known in the industry as niche edits) are different from guest post backlinks because you are reaching out to existing blog posts that have already been written and indexed by Google, and getting your link added into the content that is already there.

Many people in the SEO world swear by getting backlinks on existing blog posts that are already indexed ny Google. Brian Dean from Backlinko teaches the Skyscraper Technique that helps you get these exact types of backlinks. They are wildly popular but I am going to lay out for you the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Curated Links

Cheaper than guest posts.

Because we don’t have to find writers and create new content for every link we can cut the cost of the link down for you. A curated link can be 25%-35% cheaper than guest post links. When you are on a tight budget or operating on low margins, that discount can make all the difference.

Dont have to create new content.

There is a real thing called “content fatigue”. In other words, a writer can only write so many new articles about Houston real estate before the content gets really tired. Not to mention, every new article costs money and eats into profits. Plus you have to wait for the content to be written before you can actually get a link placed. Not having to create new content with niche edits solves all of these issues.

Post is already indexed in Google.

Getting a backlink placed on an old blog post works extremely well because that old blog post has been indexed and promoted by the blog owner. There is a good chance they have even built backlinks to that post, or at least done some good internal linking to send more SEO juice to the post. In other words, promotion has already been done to increase both rankings and traffic to the page.

Disadvantages of Niche Edit Links

Although I really love the advantages of building backlinks on older blog posts, there are a couple of minor disadvantages to choosing this type of backlink.

Can’t write the content of the article around your link.

With relevance being such a huge factor in link building and guest posting specifically, one of the big downsides (although I don’t think it is that big of a deal) of curated backlinks is that you are relying on finding existing blog posts that are relevant to the backlink you are trying to build. Sometimes it can reduce relevance when you can’t find an exact match. Whereas if you are writing a guest post you can literally create the content of the guest post around your link and make it totally relevant.

Blog owner probably isn’t actively trying to promote that post anymore.

Because we are reaching out to older blog posts the chances are that most blog post owners aren’t aggressively trying to promote that blog post as much as they might a new post. This means you will probably need to send some social signals to it so that Google will come back and recrawl the page to ensure that your link is seen.

It might be hard to fit your link naturally into the content of post.

If you are building backlinks to an obscure page in your site that covers a topic that is not widely covered on the internet it might be hard to find a way to work your link into the content of the blog post.

No control over content

If you are like me, I like to get contextual links on posts that have at least 750 words but I usually try for 1000+ words. When I’m writing a guest post I can easily do that. When I’m getting a link on an old post I have no control over content length. If you are a stickler for how content reads on pages that link to your site, you will also have no control over this and could find yourself unhappy with the level of expertise of the writer.

How It Works

When you place an order for one of these links all we need from you is the target URL and your desired anchor text. Then we go out and find an existing blog post that is already indexed by Google and we reach out to the blog owner to get them to place your link in the article. We usually provide them with a couple of sentences to make sure the link fits in naturally into the blog post.

Members-Only Pricing From SEOJet

When you join SEOJet you get to take advantage of our members-only pricing for backlinks on existing blog posts. Here are the current prices for these links:

DA 20+ $64 per link
DA 30+ $96 per link

Turn Around Time: 20-28 Days
No Minimum Quantities

How To Buy Curated Backlinks

If you are a current member of SEOJet, all you have to do is log in to your account and go to the link map of whichever page you want to build links for.

Choose the links you want to build and click on the “Order This Link Now” button.

Buy guest posts from SEOJet

You will see the Niche Edit link options listed with the guest post options in the dropdown menu.

If you are not a member of SEOJet yet, get started now to take advantage of our crazy members-only pricing.

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