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"SEO Jet has completely changed the way I do SEO."

"SEO Jet has completely changed the way I do SEO. No more guessing which anchor text to use and hoping for the right results. What Adam has done with SEO Jet is genius. It has taken an over complicated task and made it incredibly safe, white hat, and easy. Follow the link map and make it look natural. You’ll never look back. Well done, Adam!"

Steve Keller - Steve Keller Consulting


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SEOJet help me do SEO?

SEOJet was built to help you build backlinks in the most natural way possible.

By giving you the proper anchor text for every single link, and showing you exactly what your top ranked competitors are doing, SEOJet walks you through the link building process.

In essence SEOJet is software that helps you build a #1 ranked backlink profile really fast using proven data from Google.

Does your software check the #1 ranked site for my top keyword and then set up a link map to match them?

With our software we take a two pronged approach.

Because every niche is completely different in their knowledge of SEO and how they link build, we look at #1 ranked pages across all industries.

We build link maps based on the aggregate data of these #1 ranked pages.

But then with our Competitor Lock reports we look at the #1 ranked pages for each of your key phrases and show you what their backlink profile looks like, along with all of the links they have that you don't.

This way forces you to do it the right way and build long term results.

Does your software automatically get me links?

SEOJet guides you through the link building process by telling you what anchor texts you should be getting all throughout the link building process. This way you are guaranteed to be building a link profile that matches #1 ranked link profiles across Google.

We do have a premium guest posting service you can use where we will get you link placements on other blogs that have organic rankings and traffic. This service is an additional fee.

How do you take payments?

Payments are processed through, a third party payment processor. Your credit card information is stored with them and they bill you automatically every month. You may cancel your account at any time.

Do you guarantee rankings?

Because we are not Google we can never guarantee any rankings for any of the sites you optimize using our software. SEOJet will guide you through a proven process of building rankings that last but the work is up to you.

How long does it take for rankings to improve?

This really depends on what niche the site is in, how well it is doing in the SERPs already, and how well you optimize the site. Every website is different. We do have websites in some of the most competitive industries that use SEOJet and grew in the rankings in just a few months. Other sites have taken longer.

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