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They say that there are over 600 million blogs on the internet. And according to the same numbers, a whopping 7.5 million posts are written up and published every day. 


If you’re trying to get people interested in your brand, this is fantastic news.


For the longest time, marketers were all about paid ads and SEO. But thanks to the audience-building that all these bloggers have done, there’s a third option that can help you reach more people in record time:

Guest posting.


And if you want to generate traffic and earn Google’s trust efficiently, guest posting services could be the marketing solution that you didn’t know you needed. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out how you can use these companies to take your website to the next level.


The Two Factors That Every Successful Guest Post Campaign Looks At


We’ve tackled the question of what makes an effective guest post elsewhere. But there are essentially two key issues that will dictate the success of your full-scale guest posting campaign:

Without these two, your campaign will struggle to keep its head above water. We’ll go over each of these concepts in turn.  


1. Domain Authority


Have you ever wondered how Wikipedia is always near the top of Google’s search rankings while other sites languish on the fifth or seventh page? Assuming that the content is of roughly the same quality, the difference ultimately boils down to domain authority. 


In SEO circles, domain authority is a number people use to describe how much Google trusts a website. A blog post on a site with questionable domain authority will struggle to move the needle for your SEO campaigns.


2. Traffic 


Another thing we’ve talked about is the fact that a site can have lots of domain authority but very little organic traffic. If all you want is another link back to your site, this might not seem like a problem. But the trend these days is to look for sites with organic traffic. 



Because if a site is already getting search engine traffic, it probably has Google’s trust. 


Despite these two general categories, it’s not an either/or proposition for guest posting campaigns. Any service worth hiring will consider both traffic and domain authority when placing your guest post.


Why Businesses Need Guest Posting Services (That Deliver Great Results)


If guest posting campaigns are a simple matter of whipping up content, finding sites in your niche, and saying, “Hey, want to post this?”, you might be wondering if guest posting services are a worthwhile investment. In our experience, they absolutely are. Here are just a few of the reasons why our clients love working with us:


1. We Save Our Clients Time


If you’re working within a department, then you already know how hard it can be to make time for the tasks in your calendar before the end-of-quarter deadline crunch. And if you’re a solopreneur, there are never enough hours in the day for you to get everything done. 


Whether you’re putting out 5 guest posts a month or 50, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on:


Guest posting campaigns are time-consuming to set up.


Even if you write like a wizard with a magic wand, it takes time to find keywords, comb through sites, and reach out in the hopes that maybe the site owner is feeling generous. And when you’ve got deliverables and a ton of other duties on your plate, those lost hours can put you seriously behind with your deadlines.


Our clients love working with us because of all the things they don’t have to do. A service like ours will free up your people and your resources.


2. We Help Our Clients Save Money


Okay. Let’s assume that you’re 100-percent convinced that guest posting is about to become a key part of your off-page SEO strategy. After talking to your marketing team, however, you realize that nobody has the bandwidth for a guest posting campaign.


So you’re left with two choices. You can either:

The average marketing professional makes $70,178 per year. And that’s before you factor in the cost of benefits, 401(k)s, and general office perks. 


Many of our clients choose to hire us because our guest post campaigns deliver results without breaking the bank. 


3. Our Clients Are Able to Build Out Their Campaigns Faster


Picture this. 


You’ve done the heavy lifting on your first few guest posts and you’re loving the results. But the more you get into the weeds of backlink-building with guest posts, the more you keep running into the same problem:


You’re just not scaling as much as you would like.


At the end of the day, there are only 24 hours in a day. And there’s only so much progress you can make on your own. We have the writers and the relationships needed to get you more backlinks in less time than you might think.


The 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Choose Just Any Guest Posting Service 


For all the benefits of working with a professional guest posting service, it can be tempting to look around and wonder how you can get more bang for your buck. Although there are plenty of services out there that will claim to be off-page SEO experts, it’s important to vet the companies you’re interested in. Here’s why:


1. Google


You know what’s worse than having such low keyword rankings that people rarely ever find you? Being deindexed by Google altogether. 


Yes, it’s true. Unnatural links or links from spam-filled sites can make Google decide to stop sending you traffic. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, this is where well-meaning businesses can run into trouble. Many guest posting services will offer you a ton of backlinks. But if the 500 guest posts they linked for you are sketchy, the upfront cost savings may not be worth it in the long run. 


Don’t let the time and effort you’ve put into your website SEO go to waste. Make sure you understand where the company is getting its links from before you pay for their services.


2. Reputation Management Matters Now More Than Ever


Imagine you’re looking for a new bank. You’ve heard the name of a local branch around town and you decide to google it and see what comes up. But instead of the classy design and ultra-professional tone that we’re all accustomed to seeing with banks, most of the links coming up are on spammy-looking sites that don’t even end with dot com.


Are you more or less likely to get an account with this bank after that?


85 percent of customers search for items online before they make a purchase. A guest posting service that doesn’t understand the importance of branding could cause you to lose potential customers.


3. You Need Next-Level Content


Think about the last time that you were browsing on social media or checking out a blog. 


You probably read a few posts. If you really liked what you were reading, maybe you clicked through the “Recommended” list or you explored a particular category. 


But if you’re like most people, subpar content has never been enough to make you leave a site and make a purchase. When you produce guest post content on behalf of your brand, it’s not enough to hit your word counts. You need to contribute gold-star content that compels readers to visit your link. 


How to Spot an Awesome Guest Posting Service


Okay. So we’ve talked about why guest posting services are useful. And then we’ve covered the importance of being selective about who you hire.


But none of that answers the million-dollar question:


How do you know when you’ve found an excellent service?


In our experience, these are the common qualities of a top-notch guest posting service:


1. Quality Control 


If you went to a company’s website and saw a bunch of spelling errors and typos, you’d probably feel a bit reluctant to hand them your credit card information and make a purchase. After all, can you trust a business that doesn’t care enough to hire a proofreader?


As it turns out, grammar mistakes can affect how people perceive your brand. And for this reason, site associations and links can have a much farther-reaching impact than you might realize.


For this reason, a top-notch guest posting service will have a quality control process in place both for sites and content. 


2. Targeted Guest Post Outreach


You could write the post to end all posts on a subject. The prose could turn Stephen King green with envy. And your original photos could even be award-winning material. 


But there is absolutely nothing that will make a post on preparing chicken a hit for a vegan blog. 


As we mentioned before, you want a healthy mix of strong DA and great traffic to enhance your backlinks. However, to get beyond the DA and into the referral traffic boost, you’ll need to make sure that the subject is a fit for the blog you’re posting on. 


So-so guest post services won’t put much emphasis on this. But a great service will.


3. Reasonable Turnaround Times


Whether you’re guest posting for traffic or backlinks, there’s one thing that every campaign has in common:


The need for consistency.


You can’t write one post in January, none in February, and two in April and expect to see results. You need to generate a steady number of links every month. 


Placing a guest post can be tricky. Sometimes publishers are slow to post, or it can take a while to find the right placement. Even so, however, an excellent guest posting service will go above and beyond to ensure that your content is being posted on a regular schedule.


4. Consistent Reporting 


How many times have you tried to contact a company only to get the runaround from customer service? If you’ve ever tried to request a refund or an exchange over the phone, the answer to this is, “Too many!”. 


Because guest post backlinks aren’t as instantly visible as a new on-site post or infographic, it’s not easy to tell when fresh content has been published. A top-notch guest posting service won’t leave you in the dark — you’ll know exactly what’s been done to create your backlinks because you’ll be receiving regular reports and updates.


5. They Know Their Stuff 


SEO campaigns can be surprisingly complicated.


You need the right keywords. You need to have anchor text in your backlinks — but it can’t always be the same or Google will penalize you. You need your guest posts to be substantive, frequent, and high quality — but it has to look natural or you could be deindexed. 


With so much on the line, you can’t afford to do business with amateurs. That’s why the guest posting service you choose should be full of knowledgeable staff members who eat, sleep, and breathe SEO. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the curve these days.


Need a Guest Posting Service? 


As a business owner and entrepreneur, there are a couple of ways you can approach guest posting:


You can do the campaign yourself without any writers, connections, or keywords. Or you can let a guest posting service handle the logistics.


We’re one of the best guest posting services on this side of the internet. From quality control to keyword tracking and monitoring, our clients have been seeing incredible results from our campaigns.


Ready to see how we can help your business? Book a call for a free strategy session today.

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