How To Get Backlinks To Boost Your Website’s Ranking

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How to build backlinks using backlink researchAre you struggling to improve your SEO rankings and want to learn how to get backlinks?

Think of getting a backlink like finding a golden ticket. They are difficult to get but once you have one your search rankings will begin to rise.

Backlinks are when another site (preferably with a higher authority than yours) links back to your site in their content. To Google, this link means your site can be trusted.

SEOJet is a backlink management software that helps you through every step of link building.

We offer a guest post service with blogs that have organic rankings and traffic (we call them JetFuel links) and a special Link Opps tool to help.

This blog will break down getting backlinks and how the SEOJet software can make the process easier and more efficient.

Everything we’re about to share is drawn from an extensive SEO link strategy where we performed intense backlink research.

We’ve been able to demonstrate to clients how to get top rankings with 70% fewer links than their competitors. How do we do this? By implementing the right backlink strategy.

Keep reading below to learn more.

How To Get Backlinks: Some Common Techniques

Backlinks are one of Google’s top-ranking factors. That’s why so many websites put so much effort into earning or buying more links. 

Additional links to your site drive more traffic to your content and improve your trustworthiness in the eyes of Google. 

The problem is they can result in a Google penalty if they are spammy or low-quality. 

Let’s take a look at some common techniques for getting backlinks.

Competitor Research

An effective strategy for getting more backlinks under your belt is looking at what your competitors have. 

You should always be researching how to get backlinks on the web, but there is a possibility you can get a link from one of the same sites as your competitor. 

Make sure you do your homework. Only go for one of your competitor’s backlinks if they are from a site with higher authority than you. 

Guest Blog Pitches

Writing guest blogs for other sites will get you more links. 

The problem is you’ll have to spend hours researching the right sites, pitch them to accept your guest blog, and make sure it’s high-quality enough to benefit your SEO.

There will also be a lot of competition for the high-authority sites you need. If you go this route, be prepared to log a lot of hours and expect more rejections than approvals. 

Flex Your Expertise

As an industry expert, it’s much easier to get interviews or mentions with a link back to your site. That’s why it’s important to position yourself as an expert in your specific niche. 

It takes time to market yourself in this manner but backlinks will eventually start coming to you.

Another benefit of flexing your expertise involves Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). The search algorithm favors sites with expertise. 

There are several other ways to gain more backlinks. Websites will create more internal links, work with influencers, and conduct public relations campaigns.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how SEOJet can help you to get more backlinks. 

The Power of SEOJet Backlink Software

We offer backlink management software that manages the entire process for you. It will analyze the top #1 ranked sites in your niche and provide a guide on how to rank higher than your competitors. 

SEOJet builds you data-backed link maps. All you have to do is just go out and get the links it tells you to get.

There is no more guessing or counting on luck to boost rankings. Users simply fill in the blanks on the link map and watch their site improve. 

Here is what a typical link map looks like when it gets created:

Link map from SEOJet

The beauty of SEOJet is that it automatically creates the link maps for you, all you have to do is know how to get backlinks based on what the link map tells you to do.

If you look at the map you can see that the links are color-coded. The purpose of the link map is to help keep your backlink profile looking as natural as possible.

We show you exactly what your profile looks like using three gauges, one for each of the anchor text groups.

Your goal is to get the needles in the blue ranges for all three groups.

SEOJet link map gauges

Our link maps are also color-coded this way. Blue highlighted entries on the link map tell you to get that backlink to help your percentages move to the blue ranges. Otherwise, we gray out the links that will hurt your profile.

One of the lesser practiced SEO strategies is to build out tiered backlinks, or in other words, build links to your links.

Why should consider linking to your links?

Essentially, you’re building up the authority and relevance of specific links that point to your website This allows you to climb the rankings faster and with fewer links needed.

The majority of the backlinks will be “Primary” and link directly to the page you are trying to optimize.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Level links are there to build the power of the “Primary” Links.

SEOJet Backlinks Case Study

We wanted to show you how SEOJet worked for a real client. Our team previously worked with a company called Guest Post Tracker. 

The link map below was for a “list of guest blogging sites” page found at

The key phrases being targeted on that page are:

  • guest posting sites
  • guest blogging sites
  • guest post sites
  • blogs that accept guest posts
  • guest posting

Here is the link map for this page inside of the member’s area of SEOJet:

SEOJet link map

The link map essentially gives about 25-35 links that need to be built out for a natural link profile.

Here is an example of what one link will look like on the map:

SEO Jet link map single new

When you want to know how to get backlinks for a page, simply choose one of the empty “Primary” Links and look at the anchor text.

In this case, it’s “full URL.” Then you would go out and get a link with the full URL as the anchor text for the link.

Once the link is placed you would come back to the map and enter the link information.

Here is an example of a link that is published on the link map:

SEOJet link map single complete

This was a backlink with a “keyword plus” anchor. Therefore, we chose to do the anchor containing the phrase “guest posting sites.” You only have to follow what the link map tells you to do.

Here is where the page ranks on Google for the targeted key phrases:

  • guest posting sites – top 3
  • guest blogging sites – top 3
  • guest post sites – top 3
  • blogs that accept guest posts – top 3
  • guest posting – top 10guestgloggingsites

The crazy thing is as you look back up at the link map, you will see a lot of pink on the screen.

At this point, only 60% of the map is done. If you don’t get the desired results after the map is completely filled up, simply add more links to it with the click of a button and keep going.

Here is the craziest part of this entire process.

If you look at each of the top 6 websites that rank for “guest blogging sites” you will be amazed at how many backlinks each of the websites have to point to their pages compared to Guest Post Tracker.

Here are the top 6 websites with their respective number of links pointing to that particular page:

  • – 178 links
  • – 79 links
  • – 8 links
  • – 124 links
  • – 73 links
  • – 648 links

What? 8 links?

How is that possible? How did I get to the top 3 search listing with just 8 links? 

This is why having a plan in place is so important before you start building backlinks.

SEOJet can show you how to get backlinks that Google wants to see. Your competitors are just building as many as they can to rise to the top.

Pro Tip: Don’t Neglect Your Anchor Texts

We have mentioned anchor texts a few times above. They are a big part of link building. 

When building backlinks, you want to make sure you have a natural-looking anchor text profile. Otherwise, Google may penalize you. That’s why our software offers an anchor text generator. 

SEOJet conducted years of research and developed 12 anchor text categories. All 12 types of anchor text fit into 3 main anchor text groups: blended anchors, exact match anchors, and natural anchors

Learn more about maintaining proper anchor text ratios here

Top-ranking sites don’t have a random anchor text distribution. They research their competitors and carefully write anchor texts that will improve Google rankings. 

SEOJet’s software can ensure your anchor text distribution is just as good as theirs. This data is also built-in to your custom link maps to show you how to get backlinks. 

Keep in mind you will continually do backlink research because Google rankings are fluid. Anchor text distributions will also change often. It’s not something you calculate once and forget about.

Looking to Supercharge Your Link Building?

We hope you learned about how to get backlinks in this blog and that you consider using SEOJet. 

Our software will do the research for you automatically. You’ll have access to up-to-the-minute No. 1 ranked data on backlinks. From this data, you’ll get suggestions on how to build new backlinks and include the best anchor text. 

By using SEOJet’s backlink management software you’ll be able to increase your rankings with fewer backlinks. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. 

Are you ready to get started? Start Your Free Account Now.

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