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SEO Competition Backlink Tool From SEOJet

Do you want to know why the guy ranked #1 for your key phrases is beating you?

This is one of the most common things I have heard from our users.

Well now you can inside of your SEOJet account.

I’ll admit, this is probably my favorite new feature we have ever added.

Introducing the “Competitor Lock” report.

The Competitor Lock report will compare your backlinks to the #1 ranked page,
it will compare the DA distribution of your links and show you every link
the #1 ranked page has that you don’t have. You’ll also see how much
content their page has compared to your page.

With the Competitor Lock report you can quickly:

  • Know the DA of each link you need to beat your competition.
  • Snipe the quality links your competitor has.
  • See if you need to do a content upgrade on your page.
  • See how many more links you need to catch the #1 page.
  • All the data you need to make changes and overtake the #1 ranked competitor.

To view this report just go to your link map and click on the “Competitor
Lock” button and the report will run.

SEOJet Competitor Lock

Once the report has finished running the button will turn green and you can spy on your top
ranked competitor with data that will actually help you be able to beat them.

This is what a Competitor Lock report looks like:

SEOJet Competitor Lock Report

What is DA distribution?

When you are looking at your #1 ranked competitor it is important to know where all of their links are coming from.

DA distribution shows you how many links your competitor has in each DA range. For example, lets say the #1 ranked site has 100 links to their page, our DA distribution report will show us how many of those links fall into each range of domain authority like this:

DA 1-9: 7 links
DA 10-19: 22 links
DA 20-29: 31 links
DA 30-39: 14 links
DA 40-49: 4 links

This helps you know the quality of sites you should be getting links on. I often get the question, “how many DA 30 links should I get versus DA 10-20 backlinks?” Using the DA distribution feature you can always know what your competitor is doing and what it will take for you to beat them.

My Favorite Part of Competitor Lock

The part that I find myself using the most is the Competitor Link Opportunities section. SEOJet literally does a side by side comparison of your links versus the #1 ranked page and shows you all of the links that they have that you don’t have.

This makes it really easy to go through the list and find potential link partners from relevant websites.

The Competitor Lock report is done by keyword. We check the rankings for each of your
key phrases individually so you’ll need to run a report for each one.

(Hint: You’ll get much better data if you have an Ahrefs or Majestic account connected)

Let me know what you think of the report.

Want To Try The Competitor Lock tool?

If you’re a member of SEOJet you can log in to your account and start running Competitor Lock reports now.

If you’re not a member of SEOJet, click here to see how SEOJet works.


  1. Hey Adam!

    It is good to know exactly why and how a page is ranking number one in a Google search result. Well, at least get as much data as possible so you can outwork them.

    This SEOJet tool seems very helpful to learn all of this SEO data.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Have a wonderful weekend! 😀

    • Freddy, yeah our goal here is to help SEOs stop doing guess-E-O and start doing SEO with a real plan.

  2. SEOJet tool is awesome. Competitor Link Opportunities section helps me make a real plan to beat my competitors.

    • Leona, Im glad you are finding SEOJet helpful. Im a fan of the Competitor Lock feature myself.

  3. I’m glad I found this article and the SEOJet tool seems like a very helpful tool. The SEO Competition backlink tool will help out with a lot of my pages that are ranking #2 or #3. I just aimlessly am trying to build backlinks for those pages without really checking out my competitions backlink portfolio.

    This article has opened my eyes to take a more logical approach to reach #1.

    Looking into the free trial option! Thanks for sharing and great content.


    • Josh, I’m glad it was helpful for you. Best of luck against your competition.


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