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SEO Competition Backlink Tool From SEOJet

Let’s be honest, as SEO professionals we love our reports. We especially love our competitor analysis reports.

How would like to instantly know exactly what each of the top 10 ranked pages are doing to rank on page one?

This is one of the most common things I have heard from our users.

Let me show you how to do a deep dive into the backlink data for each of the top ten ranked pages inside of your SEOJet account.

I’ll admit, this is probably my favorite new feature we have ever added.

Introducing the “Competitor Lock” report.

The Competitor Lock report will compare your backlinks to each #1 ranked page and it will show you what the gauges look like for each of the top ten results.

As you drill down deeper into each of the top ten results you’ll also see how much content their page has compared to your page, how often they are using key phrases in their anchors compared to you plus all of the backlinks that your competitors have that you don’t have.With the Competitor Lock report you can quickly:

  • Know exactly what types of anchors you need to beat your competition.
  • Snipe the quality links your competitor has.
  • See if you need to do a content upgrade on your page.
  • See how many more links you need to catch the #1 page.
  • See how your backlink profile compares to everyone in the top 10.
  • All the data you need to make changes and overtake a top-ranked competitor.

To view this report just navigate to the page inside of SEOJet where you want to do the competitor analysis. Then you click on the Top 10 Competitors tab. You will see the list of the top 10 serp results for your main key phrase.

SEO Jet top ten competitor link analysis

As you can see from the snapshot above our competitor link analysis shows you how many homepage backlinks each page in the top 10 has, how many links to the ranking page, and how much page content the ranking page has. From an SEO perspective, this will give you a good idea of what it will take for you to rank for that key phrase.

You can then drill down even deeper to look at just one of the top 10 listings You do this by clicking on the green Analyze button which will show you the gauges for that one specific page so you can see what their backlink profile looks like compared to yours.

SEO Jet competitor backlink profile

For an even deeper dive with a side by side SEO competitor analysis, you click on the Competitor Lock button.

SEO Jet Competitor Lock

This will open a more in-depth comparison chart showing where your page stands against this competitor.

SEO Jet competitor analysis tool

As you can see from the snapshot above, our Competitor Lock report shows you how you compare for each of the main metrics that will have the biggest impact on your rankings.

If you feel like your rankings are stuck or not moving fast enough, doing this side by side comparison is a great way to see what your backlink profile is missing that will give you a jump in the rankings.

For each site in the top ten you can drill down to see important backlink information.

We list each of your competitor’s backlinks along with the anchor text, Domain Authority, and if any of those backlinks have their own backlinks.

Check your competitor keyword anchor text strategy

SEOJet checks all of the backlinks of each competitor including the anchor text for each link. Want to deep dive into why a competitor ranks above you? You can easily see what their anchor text strategy is.

SEO competitor keyword strategy

How many high DA and low DA backlinks do I need to match the competition?

When you are looking at the competitors in the top 10 we show you the backlinks each competitor has pointing to their ranked page.

SEO Jet competitor DA distribution


We also include the anchor text and the domain authority (DA) of each link. You can sort this list by DA and quickly find out what range of DA you will need in your backlinks to compete with the players in the top 10.

I often get the question, “how many DA 30 links should I get versus DA 10-20 backlinks?” Using this feature you can always know what your competitors are doing and what it will take for you to beat them.

My Favorite Part of Competitor Lock – Snipe Your Competitors Backlinks

The part that I find myself using the most is the Competitor Link Opportunities section. SEOJet literally looks at every single backlink the points to the top 10 ranked pages and then creates a list of all of the backlinks your competitors have but you don’t have.

SEOJet link opps - backlin opportunities

We used to include this as part of the Competitor Lock report but once the list of backlink opportunities surpassed 1000 we decided to move it to its own section called “Link Opps”.

We look at how relevant the link opportunity is to your niche, how many backlinks a page has, how many external links and then give each page an “Engage Score” to show you how valuable a link would be from that page. The score goes from 10-100 (we made 10 the minimum because every link has some inherent value, even if it is very minimal). Any link opportunity with a score above 50 should definitely be looked at to see if you can also get a link from that page.

We even include outreach tools to help you track your interactions with each backlink opportunity. Let me know what you think of the report.

Why should you run an SEO competitor analysis on your competition?

If your competitors rank above you in Google, then it is wise to get an inside look at where they are getting backlinks, and what their anchor text ratios look like.

But you should always know how those that rank in the top ten of Google are building backlinks because by virtue of being in the top ten, Google is telling you that whatever they are doing is what Google wants to see in a link profile.

Additionally, because in SEO every niche is unique, you will find that anchor text ratios will shift niche by niche so it is extremely important to know what Google expects to see based on the actual key phrases you are targeting.

Another benefit of knowing what links your competitor has is that oftentimes you can find really good link opportunities for you to reach out to and get a link from the same site or even the same page. Any backlink you get that your competitor has is one step closer to you surpassing their backlink profile.

Personally I have been able to get some high-quality backlinks using the backlinks from my competition, but even more important for me is to have a steady plan and keep moving forward regardless of what my competitors do.

Want To Try Our SEO Competitor Analysis tool?

If you’re a member of SEOJet you can log in to your account and start running Competitor Lock reports now.


If you haven’t already, check this out to see how SEOJet works.

watch a demo of SEOJet


SEO Jet competitor DA distributionSEO Jet competitor DA distribution


  1. Freddy G. Cabrera

    Hey Adam!

    It is good to know exactly why and how a page is ranking number one in a Google search result. Well, at least get as much data as possible so you can outwork them.

    This SEOJet tool seems very helpful to learn all of this SEO data.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Have a wonderful weekend! 😀

    • Adam White

      Freddy, yeah our goal here is to help SEOs stop doing guess-E-O and start doing SEO with a real plan.

      • John

        What you say is exactly what SEO people do; They will throw some links around, sometimes, it may help traffic, then everything goes out of alignment, and the agency may not be able to figure out what has gone wrong! It is no secret that Google wants high-quality content, however, if you don’t know the secret to link building, then it is all just a waste of time and money, with that being said, it seems you have cracked the algorithm, you know the exact metrics needed to rank a site! Are you not concerned that once google figures this out, then they will change their algorithm? When Google finds out what certain people/sites are or have been doing, then google has been known to change things around so they can keep everyone in the dark.

        • Adam White

          John, we expect Google to change what they want in a backlink profile. What’s great about the software is we only look at the data of what ranks now. So if they change everything and new sites start to rank, the software will simply analyze what their backlink profile looks like and make adjustments to the link maps. This has already happened before.

  2. Leona

    SEOJet tool is awesome. Competitor Link Opportunities section helps me make a real plan to beat my competitors.

    • Adam White

      Leona, Im glad you are finding SEOJet helpful. Im a fan of the Competitor Lock feature myself.

  3. Josh B.

    I’m glad I found this article and the SEOJet tool seems like a very helpful tool. The SEO Competition backlink tool will help out with a lot of my pages that are ranking #2 or #3. I just aimlessly am trying to build backlinks for those pages without really checking out my competitions backlink portfolio.

    This article has opened my eyes to take a more logical approach to reach #1.

    Looking into the free trial option! Thanks for sharing and great content.


    • Adam White

      Josh, I’m glad it was helpful for you. Best of luck against your competition.


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