The Power of Having a Backlink Software Solution

Did you know that, out of all the trackable website traffic, 53% of it comes from organic search? Additionally, the amount that agencies and brands in the US in 2020 was estimated by Borrell Associates to end up being $79.27 billion.


Considering these statistics, you might be thinking of ways to improve your SEO. But if you don’t know how to do this—or other strategies you can use to get more traffic to your website, you might be feeling stressed.


Fortunately, with a backlink software solution, you can get more people to visit your website.


In this article, we’ll review the benefits of investing in this type of software solution. Finally, you can get more traffic, which will eventually get you more leads and customers. Read on to learn more.


The Benefits of High Domain Authority


When you invest in a backlink software solution, there are many benefits you’ll experience as a result of the fact that you’re getting links from a high domain authority. High domain authority is the authority that a website that has a lot of authority within your industry has.


Say, for example, that you sell products for the parents of young children.


If you end up getting a backlink from a website such as Parents Magazine, Today’s Parent, or another similar high-authority publication, you have a high domain authority backlink. This has several benefits (which you’ll find below).


When you use a backlink software solution, you’ll be able to get backlinks from these types of high-domain websites much faster. As a result, you’ll experience the benefits much faster. Let’s review what those are now.


Brand Authority


If a large number of high domain authority websites start linking to your website, this will improve your brand’s authority. Imagine this scenario. One of your ideal customers is looking for a solution to a problem and comes across a blog post that helps and informs them.


As they read through the link, they come across a quotation you gave in the blog post. They notice that there’s a link that leads to your company website, and they click on it.


Because they came across this link on a trusted, high domain authority website, they already trust it. So they’ll assume, most likely, that your brand has some authority, too.


Imagine just how powerful it would be if you appeared not only in one high domain authority website’s content but also in the content of many of them. Over time, potential clients would come to recognize your brand.


By being a trusted authority in your industry, you would be more likely, over time, to get more leads and land more clients.


Resource and Directory Links


Resource and directory websites are high domain authority websites. These work a little differently than the other high domain authority websites we mentioned, as these websites might not be where people spend a lot of time reading blog posts or learning about a topic.


Instead, they’ll go to these websites to look for lists of the best services or products of the type they’re looking for.


For example, say someone is looking for a handyman service. They might go to a directory website to search for the best handyman services in their area.


If your website appears in one of these high domain authority websites, you’ll be considered a good option for the people searching for the best services or products. As a result, they’ll be more likely to hire or buy from you.


Enhance Industry Relationships


Another benefit of having a backlink from a high domain authority website is that you’ll be able to enhance your industry relationships. Often, when you’re being backlinked from another website, this can be mutual.


For example, you might write a guest post for their website. Or, you might have a company like SEOJet do this for you. Either way, you’ll be providing content for this other website.


In exchange, they’ll include a backlink that links to your website. But you’ll also be building a relationship with them. Later down the line, you could work with them.


They could also potentially help you connect with other contacts, such as funders. Or they might recommend that clients get in touch with you if you provide a service that’s adjacent to theirs that they don’t provide.


You never know what you’ll get out of these industry relationships, so it’s great to use backlink software to start building these connections.


The Benefits of High Traffic


Another benefit you’ll experience when you use backlink software is high traffic. Part of why this occurs is because when your backlink situation is a good one, you’ll have good SEO. “SEO” stands for “search engine optimization.”


When you optimize your website for SEO, you make it more likely that it will have a higher search engine ranking. This means that when someone completes a search, they’ll be more likely to come across your content.


As you can imagine, this will bring up the amount of traffic that reaches your website.


There’s another type of traffic, other than what you get from search engines that you’ll get when you use backlink software. This is called referral traffic.


When your website experiences referral traffic, someone finds your website by clicking on the backlink to it from another website. Often, this occurs when someone is looking at content related to what you offer.


For example, if you sell stylish t-shirts, a blog post about summer fashion could have backlinks that lead to those t-shirts. People would click on these links, and you’d get more website traffic.


Now that we’ve reviewed the different ways you can get high traffic through backlink software, we’ll review the benefits you get out of it.


New Relationships


One of the benefits you get when you get more traffic to your website through backlink software is new relationships. When a visitor ends up on your website, they might start to check out your services, products, or interesting content you post.


If they’re happy with what they come across and they aren’t yet ready to buy, they might form a relationship with your brand.


For example, they might sign up to be included in an e-newsletter so they can come across more great content or find out about deals for when they’re ready to buy. They might also check out your social media profiles.


Once they’ve found your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media profile, they might start following you. They might even like or share some of your posts or comment on them.


In addition to making it possible for your audience to grow, this could also help spread the word about your business to additional potential leads and customers.


Lead Building


As people start to spend more time on your website and engaging with your brand, you’ll eventually start to gather more leads. For example, if the website traffic ends up on a page where you get contact information in exchange for a resource, you’ll be able to start contacting these visitors.


You can slowly warm up these leads, getting them excited about the different products and services you might offer in the future.


You can also provide them with valuable content that helps them solves problems. As a result, when they’re ready to buy the product or service they need, they’ll be more likely to get in touch with you.


Once you’ve warmed up your leads, you can start the sales process with them. This brings us to our next point.


Increased Sales


When you have a software solution that provides you with the backlink number you need (as well as quality), the high traffic will lead to increased sales. The more people who come across your website, the more they’ll be able to see the products or services you sell.


As a result, they’ll be more likely to consider buying these products or services. Some of them will buy them, which will help you make more money.


This demonstrates what a valuable ROI you’ll experience if you invest in backlink software.


Looking for a Backlink Software Solution?


Now that you’ve learned about the benefits that come from investing in a backlink software solution, you might be looking for a solution of this type. In this case, you should look no further than SEOJet.


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