The Benefits of Using Syndicated Content

Syndicated content marketing is one of the most effective growth strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. The beauty of syndicated content is that you don’t have to develop original ideas.


Instead, you can leverage the expertise of others. You can use secondhand content to promote your products, from influencers to journalists.


Explore how syndicated content works and how effective it can be for your business. You’ll also discover how to avoid creating syndicated content that will turn off potential readers and how to find syndicated content sources fast, so you don’t get caught up in the syndication hype!


Read on now.


What is Syndicated Content?


In a nutshell, syndicated content is content that’s available in multiple formats and on multiple platforms. The term can be used to describe content shared with the world, but that’s also available in various formats and on various platforms.


The critical difference between syndicated content and article-based content is that the former is shared while the latter is original. However, there are other similarities between the two, including how they boost brand equity and increase web traffic.


While both can be used to benefit your company, you should do your best to leverage syndicated content for your company.


More businesses are using syndicated content not only to reach a broader audience but also to create stronger partnerships with other companies and brands that occupy the same niche.


Syndicated Content vs. Article Marketing


You share content with the original website owners in both article marketing and syndicated content. However, you are only sharing the content on the original website with the readers.


In the case of article marketing, you are directly marketing to the readers with the content you are providing. In the case of syndicated content, you are sharing the content but are also giving the original website the option to link back to your website, which provides you with more exposure and traffic.


With syndicated marketing, you’re getting to market in several ways, which means you gain double the benefits. Again, if you’re marketing your articles yourself, you’re only reaching your specific audience.


These would be the people who have already become loyal followers of your website and follow you on social media. Syndicated content allows you to not only market to your current followers but you also get to market to the followers that other websites and brands have.


It’s almost the same idea as influencer marketing.


How to Create Syndicated Content


Before we can explore how to create syndicated content, we need to go over what syndicated content is not.


What’s not syndicated content? First, syndicated content isn’t original content. When you publish a blog post to your website or social media account, you publish it as an article.


So, it’s not original – it’s a re-write of an article. The only difference between a syndicated post and an original article is the number of times you re-publish the content and the links you add to your website.


There are several steps and strategies you can use when you’re looking to syndicate your content. 


Define Your Topic


One of the best ways to get started with syndicated content is to define the topic and write in-depth content around it. It’s essential to clearly outline what your work is about so that readers will have a common understanding of your topic from the get-go.


Once you’ve defined your topic, think about what you love to talk about. If you’re a social media marketing professional, this might be the latest trends in online marketing or the latest SEO news.


It could also be about a product or service related to your industry. Once you’ve defined your topic, you can either start with a brainstorming session to generate ideas or use the content’s keywords to search online to find topics.


Once you’ve found topics that you love, go back to the topic definition and see how much of it you’ve covered.


Set Up an Email Newsletter


You can also create a subscription-based email newsletter to get started with syndicated content. The most popular email service nowadays is Gmail. You can use this service to create a Gmail account and then use the account to send and receive emails.


You can also use other email providers such as Outlook, Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo! Email. Once you’ve set up the email account, you can use the provided account properties to define which emails will be sent to which recipients.


You can use the “set as default” option to ensure that your subscribers see your newsletter every time they log into their accounts. This is especially helpful if you have an extensive mailing list or work in a remote position where your newsletter is the only way that new subscribers can get your content.


Ask Friends to Subscribe


Another way to get started with syndicated content is to ask your friends to sign up for your RSS feed. Most blogging websites offer a subscription feature where you can ask readers to opt-in to your mailing list.


Once you’ve set up the subscription feed, you can send your friends an invite to start following you on social media. If you prefer, you can create a Facebook or LinkedIn group to ask friends to join.


Find Quality Partners


The best way to start collecting content for syndicated websites is to look for partners on industry-specific forums or conferences. For example, if you’re interested in marketing to financial advisors, you can look for forums or events on financial planning topics.


These forums and events are usually focused on specific industries and can provide you with a wealth of content to choose from. You can also look for online associations that focus on a specific industry.


For example, the Association of Registered Investment Advisors (ARIA) is an association that represents and regulates financial advisors.


Use the Content in Several Ways


All that great information you’ve been collecting for your articles can also benefit your business.


You can use it to help your clients by providing them with free advice on how to invest their money wisely, or you can use it to help your employees by sharing the best online marketing tips.


Benefits of Content Syndication


There are several steps to take and the different types of content syndication that are important for your business to note. Once you understand the different types the next steps are to understand the benefits of content syndication.


We’ve taken the time to list these benefits below for you to review before you move forward with creating a plan for your syndicated content.


Increased Brand Awareness


By re-publishing content from other websites, you are increasing the reach of the content and making it more engaging for the readers. In other words, you are increasing brand awareness.


The added reach and engagement can also encourage readers to click the links and ultimately take the requested action, leading to more brand awareness.


Promotes Traffic to Your Website


Now that you understand syndicated content and how it works, let’s go over how to create your own. Find a Topic and Find a Writing Style The first step to creating your syndicated content is to find a topic and a writing style that work for you and your business.


If you’re interested in promoting a new product, you might want to start with that. If you build authority and create brand awareness, you might want to start with a topic with a high click-through rate or a specific industry. Your business can be whatever you want it to be.


Creates Effective Backlinks


Backlinks are links that direct visitors to your site – whether that be to your homepage or a specific article or post on your blog.


They are essential for your website’s SEO and are one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website. But, how do you get backlinks from other websites?


The best way is to buy or earn backlinks through other websites


Broadens Business Audience Reach


By sharing content from other websites, you are broadening the audience that will view your content. While having only a few readers is nice, having a large audience can be even better.


You can target the audience that wants your type of content or those that are interested in your industry. You may even want to choose articles with the highest click-through rates (CTR) to get the most out of your time and effort.


Promotes Engagement


By sharing your content and other websites’ content, you are also creating a community around your topic. If people are already sharing your content, there is a good chance they will also start to engage with it.


The more readers who engage with your content and like it, the stronger the bond between the two of you will be.


Syndicated Content and Its Benefits for Your Business


In this post, you’ve learned what syndicated content is, what it’s not, and how to create your own. You’ve also discovered that while it’s not always necessary to publish your content frequently, publishing quality content when you do is the best way to go.


Now that you know what you have to work with, it’s time to get to work! 


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