Case Study: Top 3 On Google With Just
8 Backlinks

How would you like to rank higher on Google with fewer backlinks?

The beauty of using SEOJet is the ability to be laser-focused to get the most out of every single link. Think about it like focusing on quality versus quantity.

You will never have a wasted link again! Every link will be part of a data-based strategic plan that helps you build an incredible link profile.

We all know that backlinks are one of Google’s top-ranking factors so your SEO will get a huge boost by building the right kind of links.

This blog will show you some features of SEOJet and explain how it’s possible to start ranking in Google’s Top 3 after building only eight backlinks.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Guest Post Tracker

Building a guest post is a guaranteed way to boost your rankings but it can be hard to identify opportunities and keep everything organized.

Guest Post Tracker is a huge curated list of guest blogging sites. This service makes it easy to find blogs that allow guest posts, submit one of your own, and track everything along the way.

Your first step should be to identify your guest blogging niche. For example, is your niche education, business, dating, dental, design, or something else?

Then, you’ll want to find blogs within your niche and submit guest posts using targeted keywords.

SEOJet can help you to make important decisions by building a link map. It shows you the best places to get links as well as what anchor texts to use.

Here are some examples of key phrases you can target:

  • guest posting sites
  • guest blogging sites
  • guest post sites
  • blogs that accept guest posts
  • guest posting

This would be the link map that appears in the member’s area of SEOJet:

SEOJet link map

It provides a list of 20-30 backlinks that can maximize your SEO boost. They link directly to the user’s website and show links that link to that website.

Check out the links that link to a user’s website:

SEO Jet link map single new

Wondering what happens next? When you get a new backlink to the page you are doing SEO for, simply look at the link map and choose a Primary link that is blank and get that link.

SEOJet will also tell you what type of anchor text to use so your profile looks natural. In this case, the anchor text for the link is “full URL,” meaning your anchor text would be a full URL like this:

Once the link is published you simply come back and enter the details into SEOJet and it will help you keep track of how your link building is going for that page.

Here is how a published link looks in the program:

SEOJet link map single complete

All you have to do is fill out the link map and follow what it’s telling you to do. You can check the page’s performance as you go using Guest Post Tracker.

Here is one of the most exciting features of SEOJet. Look at how that page is ranking on Google after all of the work you’ve put in:

  • guest posting sites – top 3
  • guest blogging sites – top 3
  • guest post sites – top 3
  • blogs that accept guest posts – top 5
  • guest posting – top 20


And the crazy thing is the results you see above are only when the link map is 60% done. Those rankings will get even higher once it’s complete.

If you don’t get to the #1 spot after the map is completely filled up, SEOJet automatically adds more links to it so you can keep going.

One other thing we’d like to point out is the number of backlinks needed to rank compared to others.

If you look at each of the top 6 websites that rank for “guest blogging sites” you will be amazed at how many backlinks each of the websites have to point to their pages compared to Guest Post Tracker.

Here are the top 6 websites with their respective number of links pointing to that particular page:

  • – 178 links
  • – 79 links
  • – 8 links
  • – 124 links
  • – 73 links
  • – 648 links

Did you see it?

8 links!

Only 8 links were needed with Guest Post Tracker while others needed hundreds to achieve similar results.

How is it even possible that 8 links can get you to the Top 3 spot?

top 3 rankings with just 8 links - SEO Jet

It can be done! And all you need is a solid plan in place before you start link building.

Other sites just start getting as many links as possible until their rankings go up. This is like throwing something to the wind and hoping it sticks. It can work but there’s a lot of wasted time.

With SEOJet you can start building the types of links Google wants to see with optimized anchor texts. You can create the exact amount of links needed to hit the top spots, no more and no less.

Note: This website is all about guest posting and two of those top 6 websites actually link to the home page and so it plays a part in why it got to the top 3 with so few links. But this shows you why building a link profile based on proven stats is so important.

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