Case Study: Top 3 On Google With Just 8 Backlinks

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As I started using SEOJet when it was first developed, the biggest advantage it gave me is that I didn’t have to waste any links.

Every link that I built was part of a plan that used proven data build an awesome link profile.

What I didn’t realize was something even more powerful was happening.

Because my links were all so laser focused my rankings began to rise much more quickly than they should have.

Guest Post Tracker

One of the websites I built and own is It is a huge curated list of guest blogging sites.

So naturally I target key phrases related to the guest blogging niche in my SEO.

Keep in mind the website is less than 1 year old as of writing this article.

The link map I built was for my list of blogs that accept guest posts page found at

The key phrases I am targeting on that page are:

  • guest posting sites
  • guest blogging sites
  • guest post sites
  • blogs that accept guest posts
  • guest posting

Let me show you what my link map for this page looks like inside of the members area of SEOJet:

SEOJet link map

The link map essentially gives me about 20-30 backlinks I need to obtain that link both directly to my web page and also those links that link to me.

Here is an example of a link that links to my web page would look like on the link map:

SEO Jet link map single new

So when you get a new backlink to the page you are doing SEO for, you simply look at the link map and choose a Primary link that is blank and get that link.

In this case the anchor text for the link is “full url”. So I would go out and get a link that has the full url as the anchor text.

Once the link is published you simply come back and enter the details. Then SEOJet helps you keep track of how your link building is going for that page.

Here is an example of a published link:

SEOJet link map single complete

I have literally just been filling out the link map, following exactly what it is telling me to do.

Here is where that page on Guest Post Tracker ranks on Google for my keywords:

  • guest posting sites – top 3
  • guest blogging sites – top 3
  • guest post sites – top 3
  • blogs that accept guest posts – top 5
  • guest posting – top 20


The crazy thing is I am only about 60% done completing the link map.

And if I don’t get to the #1 spot after the map is completely filled up, SEOJet automatically adds more links to it and I keep going.

Here is the most surprising thing about using a link map to do SEO.

If you look at each of the top 6 websites that rank for “guest blogging sites” you will be amazed at how many backlinks each of the websites have pointing to their pages compared to Guest Post Tracker.

Here are the top 6 websites with their respective number of links pointing to that particular page:

  • – 178 links
  • – 79 links
  • – 8 links
  • – 124 links
  • – 73 links
  • – 648 links

Do you see anything that stands out like a sore thumb?

8 links.

I have 8 links pointing to that page compared to an average of 200+ for everyone else.

How is that possible? How did I get to the top 3 spot with just 8 links?

top 3 rankings with just 8 links - SEO Jet

This is why it is so important that you start link building with a plan in place.

From the beginning I have been building the type of links that I know Google wants to see. I guarantee that none of my competitors did that. They just got a ton of links and rose to the top.

Note: My entire website is all about guest posting and two of those top 6 websites actually link to my home page and so I think that plays a part in why I can get to the top 3 with so few links. But this shows you why building a link profile based on proven stats is so important.

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  1. Auki

    Those are some incredible results there using SEOJet, I am one of those who unfortunately fall into the category of using outdated techniques for years trying to learn SEO basics. The problem is while I’ve been learning the basics there are tools and tricks that come with those tools that have seen my competition leave me behind. Now for some catching up I think! Thanks so much for your write-up this will be a much needed boost to my SEO as well as freeing up some more of my time.

    • Adam White

      Auki, I will be the first to admit that SEOJet is not for the beginner, but for someone that has a good sound grasp of current SEO principles, and knows how to get links. If you fall into that category, this can definitely help you not just hang with your competitors but beat them.


    That is really impressive! I’ve definitely neglected link building for my site and I can definitely say I did not have a plan in place when I started. I checked out your site and it looks very impressive – I can’t believe it’s only a year old. That’s the same age as my site and I can definitely say, I’m not showing up as 3rd on google. I will have to start making a plan to increase my link building.

    • Adam White

      Kelly, yeah I have been amazed at what a difference it has made having a link building plan in place before I start building backlinks.

  3. David

    This is what I need. I’ve been trying to get traffic by getting backlinks and it hasn’t really gotten me very far. I like the advice about being laser focused and having Google reward you. I’m not very familiar with some of the things about SEOJet, but I think after learning a bit more I could be ready to try it out.

    By the way, could you put an option to enlarge some of the screenshots? I’d like to check the interface a bit more but the text is too tiny for me.

    • Adam White

      David, thanks for the feedback. You can see larger images of the interface on our tour page located here:

  4. Antoine

    Very interesting, it would be nice to know if that strategy works for more competitive long tail keywords.

    • Adam White

      Antoine, Guest Post Tracker also ranks on page 1 for “guest post”, “guest posts”, and “get paid to blog” among many others.

  5. Brinley

    Hi Adam
    V Nice bit of kit u have created there. I understand the process regarding adding new links but what about a sites existing links. Does the software import these and populate the various page link maps or is that something that needs to be done manually?

    • Adam White

      Brinley, the software imports your links and then tells you where to focus in your link maps to make sure your backlink profile looks extremely natural.

      • Brinley

        Thanks Adam – does it import tier 2 & 3 links as well or just tier 1?

        • Adam White

          Brinley, Yeah right now it just does Tier 1. But we have also just connected to Moz api so any tier 1’s they have will import automatically when you add a page.

  6. sharukh

    Thank you for sharing this concept. I will must try this.

    • Adam White

      Sharukh, Im glad you liked it. Let me know how it goes for you.

  7. Tom

    thank sir for this great case study……

    • Adam White

      Tom, my pleasure. I hope it helps you when you do your SEO.

  8. Ashley Brown

    This is very awesome article, as a starter am learned a many of things from this article

    • Adam White

      Ashley, Im glad it was helpful for you.


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