Do Not Use An Anchor Text Generator Until You Read This First…

One of the biggest problems with SEO today is how difficult Google has made it to know how to maintain a natural anchor text profile.

Too many key phrases in your anchor text, you lose rankings.

Not enough, you get stuck on page 2 or 3.

How can you make sure that you are generating an anchor text profile that is natural but also moves the needle in the search results?

Your inclination is to look for a piece of software that will automate choosing anchor texts for each link for you.

Heck, that’s exactly what we built SEOJet to do.

But the truth is that choosing anchor texts CAN NOT be 100% automated.

That is why you DO NOT want to use an anchor text generator that is just a robot spitting out anchor texts.

In order for it to look natural, and not like your anchors were chosen by a robot, you need human intervention.

You also need a proven SEO strategy to put those anchor texts to good use.

This is why with SEOJet’s anchor text generator tool we not only give you the proper anchor text ratios on each of your pages, when we give you an anchor text for a link, often times we will only give you the right anchor text category to use, instead of the actual anchor text.

For example, if your backlink profile calls for an anchor text that contains your key phrase but also has other non-keyword related phrases. We call that a “keyword plus” anchor and that is what our anchor text generator will give you.

With that little human intervention, your anchors will be more random, which will look more natural to Google and you will get better results in the SERPs.

How SEOJet’s Anchor Text Generator Works

Before I show you exactly how our anchor text generator works, you need to understand one thing about anchor text distribution.

Anchors can be divided into 3 main groups, Blended Anchors, Exact Match Anchors, Natural Anchors.

Blended anchor means the anchor text has all or part of one of your target key phrases in it, but also contains other random words as well.

An Exact Match anchor means the anchor text is only one of the key phrases that you are trying to rank for.

Natural anchor means the anchor text has no reference to any key phrase at all. It is generic or has your brand name or URL as the anchor.

When SEOJet analyzes the backlink profile of any page we put all backlinks into one of these 3 groups.

Anchor text distribution

This is how you will know if your anchor text ratios look natural or not.

The blue ranges are where you want to be, and these will change on every single page depending on the key phrases you are trying to rank for.

Homepage Anchor Text Ratios

When you add a website into SEOJet, the very first thing we do is create a “link map” for your homepage. Link maps are simply anchor text road maps for any page of your site.

Homepage anchor text generator

Your homepage should be used strictly to build brand trust with Google. This means, when you build backlinks to your homepage, what Google expects to see is a whole bunch of link using your brand name or URL as the anchor text.

As you can see from the screenshot above, 80%-95% of your homepage backlinks will be Natural, or in other words, your anchors will be your brand name or some form of your URL.

Our link map will guide you link by link on your homepage which anchor to use and feed you the right branded anchor that will help you establish brand trust. As your brand trust grows your other pages in your site will rise in the search results.

SEO Power Pages

As I mentioned above, your homepage is for building brand trust. But the best way to rank for the key phrases you are targeting is to build SEO power pages.

A power page is a page in your website that has really long-form in-depth content around a key phrase you are targeting. It is the kind of content your target audience will love. The more in-depth the content, the better. It is impossible to provide too much good content. The more the better, just make sure it is totally unique.

When building backlinks for power pages, the anchor text ratios are going to be much different than on your homepage. You will be able to target key phrases more aggressively but still in a natural way.

When you add a page into SEOJet, we will look at any backlinks you have pointing to the page already and analyze the anchors of those links.

Next the software will look at everyone that ranks in the top 10 of Google for your main key phrase and analyze their anchor text profiles and create an average for you to copy.

The software allows you to copy the average profile from the top 10 or just pick and choose which pages in the top 10 that you want to copy making it completely customizable for you.

Depending on what you pick, our anchor text generator will create a link map for you that will help you match those pages you are trying to compete with.

SEO power page anchor text generator tool

The link map will include more keyword anchors than the homepage link map but still look as natural as possible.

The software will also create gauges to show you where you stand at all times.

Anchor text distribution

This way as you build backlinks to your website you will be able to maintain a natural backlink profile and can build backlinks as quickly or slowly as you want.

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A Couple Of Warnings About Anchor Text Software

Before you start using anchor text software please read the following warnings.

1. An Anchor Text Generator Needs To Customize Ratios For Each Of Your Website Pages

Getting anchor text suggestions is only useful if you know how to use those suggestions to build out the right anchor text distribution.

Any robot can spew out 100 anchors and say here you go, good luck.

But with SEOJet’s link maps, we give you the exact anchors you need to match the top-ranked pages you are competing against for each of your pages.

Because every key phrase is going to have its own set of ranking pages and those will have unique backlink profiles, you must be able to customize your anchors to match what Google wants to see for that specific key phrase.

As we have built backlinks for some of SEOJet’s blog posts, we have seen wild fluctuations in how many exact match anchors we can build to a page from 0% up to 30%. Considering that all of our posts are in the SEO niche, that is pretty significant.

Here is a snapshot of the gauges for the top 10 average for two SEO related key phrases: “SEO proposal” and “homepage SEO”

Anchor text ratio differences

As you can see, even though they are in the exact same niche, the ratios are significantly different from each other.

No one knows why Google will favor a certain ratio in for one key phrase and then a totally different ratio for another key phrase in the same niche, but it does happen.

Your anchors need to be able to fit into a sentence

As I mentioned earlier, you really want to be careful in having a robot just generate a whole bunch of anchors for you because then you will spend a ton of time editing those anchors to actually make sense in the real world.

If you are building a backlink where the anchor has a key phrase in it, the only way to make that backlink look natural is to put it into a sentence, most likely in a blog post.

So for example, let’s say I am targeting the key phrase “backlink software” and the link map is telling me to get a “keyword plus” anchor text. A robot might generate something like “a backlink software is good” for my anchor text, but obviously it is going to be very difficult to fit that into a sentence naturally.

This is the #1 reason that we give you the anchor category and allow you to choose the anchor yourself to fit it into a sentence in a clear and natural way.

When the anchor is your brand name or URL we can just give you those because there is nothing that needs to be edited.

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