Ahrefs Vs. SEOJet: A Comparative Guide

67.6% is the average number of clicks on the first five pages of search results. You may be wondering how website owners get to the top five pages and the answer is simple: SEO. By achieving organic placements on search engines, website owners can generate more clicks and conversions.


There are many SEO tools available to help businesses and individuals improve rankings. Two top types of SEO agency software are called Ahrefs and SEOJet. Though both tools offer the same type of results, they do differ in what you can do.


Keep reading to learn more about the differences and similarities between Ahrefs and SEOJet.

SEO Agency Software and Tools: A Comparison Between Ahrefs and SEOJet 


SEO agency software is a technical solution to allow you insight into how to improve organic search results. Many SEO software helps users identify, organize, and assess keywords important to their niche. SEO tools are designed to save people hours needed to search for keywords and backlinks. 


Using SEO software allows your site to reach desired results much faster than without it. SEO software varies, but many benefits include: 

Utilizing SEO effectively will boost your traffic and revenue. There are several types of SEO tools out there, ranging from monitoring tools to website crawling tools. For maximum results, it may be best to use a variety of tools.


Example SEO tools include:

Of course, each individual and business will have different needs. You should carefully research the tools available and determine your goals before selecting the best option for you. We’ve researched and outlined Ahrefs and SEOJet below.


Ahrefs Overview

Ahrefs is a direct competitor to Google Search Console (GSC). This company offers a lot of features and a free monitoring tool. Benefits you receive when using Ahrefs include:

Ahrefs has several packages available for customers. The prices range from $99 to $999 per month. Customers can receive a discount if they pay for it annually. 


The Ahrefs Webmaster Tools option is free for all users. It enables you to improve the performance of your website and generate more organic traffic.


SEOJet Overview 


SEOJet is a backlink management tool. It is designed to help website owners understand what type of anchor text is needed for backlinks. The software breaks down backlinks across top-ranking SERP sites and shows the anchor text used. 


This helps website owners to have similar language for their backlinks. Features with SEOJet include: 

SEOJet offers three packages for customers. The prices range from $69 a month to $199. Paying for a package annually does offer a discount. 


Currently, SEOJet offers a two-week free trial for new users. When you sign up for a new plan, you can also get a free 30-minute strategy session with an SEO expert. 


Differences Between the Two SEO Software


Ahrefs and SEOJet have distinct differences. While both companies will help you boost your SEO rank, they do have slightly different methods of doing so. They offer similar pricing structures, but those also differ. 


Distinctive differences show up in:


Ahrefs is a full-suite SEO service. It is popular with content creators and web developers around the world. Launching in 2011, the company quickly became a popular option for many businesses and individuals. 


Ahrefs has a state-of-the-art web crawler that delivers detailed analyses and recommendations within minutes. 


Whereas, SEOJet is a link-building tool. Backlinks are vital for SEO success, so it’s an important tool to have in your suite. The link management software is designed to help individuals and businesses to rank #1 organically with search engines. 


SEOJet offers a one-of-a-kind tool that suggests anchor text for backlinks. It builds a comprehensive link map for your website to get the top placement. 


Packages + Pricing 

SEOJet offers a two-week free trial and the packages are a bit cheaper than Ahrefs. This is probably because Ahrefs offers a free monitoring tool that anyone can use.


SEOJet offers unlimited users and sites with each plan while you will have to pay for more than 1 user with Ahrefs. Ahrefs also has a limit on how many sites you can include with your plan. 



Since Ahrefs is a full suite of SEO tools, it does offer more features. These include keyword explorer and metrics. 


SEOJet focuses on backlinks. And it has a whole host of benefits to help you identify and create the backlinks needed to grow organic traffic. This company offers a collection of potential partners to increase your backlinks organized by how beneficial each would be to your site. 


SEOJet can also import and export backlinks. The software offers a generator for potential anchor text so you don’t have to search for the best keywords to use. 


Similarities Between the Two SEO Tools


Ahrefs and SEOJet both offer comprehensive insight into backlinks. Both software companies have the expertise needed to build your backlinks to increase your SEO rank. Some of the similar features include: 

No matter which tool you choose, you will see better ranking and learn more about SEO best practices. Both companies offer analytics and tools to help you strengthen your SEO strategy. Using SEO software gives your website an advantage over those sites that don’t use it. 


Backlink Tracking and Research

Both companies offer extensive backlink tracking and research. You can quickly see every backlink available and the metrics for each. This will help you understand where potential SEO issues are and how to resolve them. You can also get alerted when backlinks are no longer live. 


Competitor Analysis 

You can easily see an analysis of the top 10 competitors for your website with a quick analysis. This gives you insight into the top 10 ranked sites in your niche so you can see what you’re doing wrong. 


Thorough competitor analysis allows you to see your competitor’s backlinks and understand their strategy. 


Rank Tracking 

Both software companies offer rank tracking. You can easily see keyword rankings per site and page. You can easily know how strong your SEO is per page and understand what needs to be improved. 


Advanced analytics is a game-changer with SEO practices. Once you have insight into what is working for others, you’ll know how to revise your own strategy. 



Both companies offer assistance with content, though they are different types of assistance. SEOJet has a content syndication service so you can get and distribute content to boost your backlinks. 


Ahrefs has a content explorer option to search for high-performing content in your niche. It gives you a detailed analysis of social media, SEO, and website metrics. You’ll easily be able to see the most successful content from competitors. 


How to Choose SEO Services and Tools


Before selecting an SEO service provider or tool, you should research the company. And consider the following: 

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Now that you have compared two of the top SEO agency software, you are equipped to make an informed decision for your website. It can be tough to know which software is the best choice for your website to achieve desired growth. 


SEOJet is an industry-leading link management software. Our innovative software allows you to create backlink maps for your site to boost your organic traffic quickly. We even offer an anchor text generator to make linking a breeze.


At SEOJet, we are so confident in our software that we offer a 14-day free trial. But if you want to see our SEO services in action, you can schedule a free demo. Book a call today for a free SEOJet demo. 

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