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Customized anchor text ratios for each page

SEOJet builds out a backlink plan (Link Map) for each page of your website to show you exactly what backlinks you need to build next to have perfect anchor text ratios. You can customize this based on mirroring anyone in the top 10 for your main key phrase or mimicking all #1 ranked pages across all categories.

  • No guessing which anchor text to use.
  • Noguessing which link to build next.
  • Easily match top ranked pages.

Anchor text generator and planner

No more guessing which anchor text to use for each link. SEOJet looks at your current backlink profile on each page and then builds out a link map with the right anchor text to use for every single backlink to make your backlink profile match your top 10 competitors or to match all #1 ranked pages.

  • Never guess which anchor text to use again
  • Software generates anchor text for you
  • Super organized plan for your backlinks

Members-only discounted premium guest post service

As a members-only benefit, we have a built-in guest posting service that is heavily discounted. As you move up plans you get an even bigger discount. We pride ourselves on creating awesome guest posts written by people who know the topic and make your backlinks look as good as possible.

  • Discounted guest post prices
  • Guest posts on blogs with organic traffic
  • 14-20 day turn around time

Deep dive into every top 10 competitor

Want to know what the sites in the top 10 are doing? SEOJet lets you do a competitor analysis on every single top 10 ranked page. You can also choose to match any or all of the top 10 ranked pages anchor text profiles.

  • Instant competitor analysis on all top ten pages
  • Snipe competitor backlinks
  • Know exactly how to beat top ten pages

Thousands of potential link partners organized and ranked for you

With our new Link Opps feature, we gather thousands of backlinks that point to all of your competitors but don’t link to your website. We give each link opportunity an “Engage Score” which helps you know which opportunities will pass the best SEO value to your site.

  • Blogger outreach tools included
  • Engage Score for each opportunity
  • Prioritize best link opps

JetRank scoring for each page

We have developed a unique proprietary scoring system called JetRank. It scores each page on a scale from 1-100 to let you know how strong a page is compared to other competitor pages targeting the same key phrases.

  • Instantly know how healthy a page is
  • Easily know which pages to focus on
  • Scores update in realtime


More Awesome Features

Easy Backlink Importing

SEOJet integrates with Ahrefs and Moz and will easily bring in all of your backlink data to build out your backlink strategy.

Backlinks Monitor

The software regularly checks to make sure the backlinks you have worked so hard to acquire, are still live. If one disappears you will get a warning.

Add As Many Websites As You Want

At SEOJet we believe in being awesome. Thats why we aren’t putting limits on how many websites you can run through our software. Add away!

Add As Many Users As You Want

Have a bunch of SEO specialists assigned to different clients? Add them all into SEOJet and assign specific sites for them to work on.

Exclude Disavowed Backlinks

If you have a disavow list of backlinks just upload it into SEOJet and we will remove those links from your profile so you can see it as Google sees it.

Export All Backlinks

Export all of the backlinks for any site with the click of a button. This includes any tiered backlinks you are tracking for a link as well.

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