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"Your software takes the guesswork out of the whole link building process."

"Hey Adam, I love SEOJet! Your software takes the guesswork out of the whole link building process. When I train a new staff member on link building and anchor texts, they don't need a heap of experience and knowledge like they did in the past. Using your tool, they immediately understand how to confidently build safe and effective links to start producing results for our firm in less time than ever before.

I have made your tool an integral part of our new employee training, link building, and management process. I've very grateful that you built it :-)"

Mike Nacke - Nacke Media

SEOJet Features

Build SEO Power Pages

(SEOJet Website Dashboard)

SEO is no longer a matter of building links for key phrases. It's all about building trust with Google on your most important page, your home page, and SEO power pages that dominate rankings for any topic.

You enter your important SEO pages and we give you link maps to build #1 ranked link profiles.

We make sure your link profile is 100% natural and no page is left behind by letting you know which pages to link to next.

How SEOJet will make your link building efforts easy:
  • Always know exactly what anchor text to use as you build links.
  • Always know which page to link to next so important pages aren't neglected.
  • Alerts you if your link profile is starting to look unnatural and tells you how to fix it.

You will be amazed as you create the types of links we tell you to do how quickly your client's rankings will improve, and for many more phrases than you are actually focused on.

Proven Link Maps

(SEOJet Link Maps)

We give you specific link building strategies for each power page you are trying to promote.

Every link map you get will be the result of research thousands of links from #1 ranked websites on Google. We give you link maps that will guide you in building your own #1 ranked link profile.

"As you go to build links for your SEO clients you won't have to struggle to know what anchor text to use next. We take the guesswork away by mapping it out before hand."

Competitor Lock

(Competitor Lock Report)

We not only build you link maps for each page you want to optimize, we also show you exactly what it will take to get your website to page 1 of Google.

We look at backlink and content data from everyone in the top 10 and then build a plan for you to get there as fast as possible.

Want to do a deep dive into a competitor?

With the Competitor Lock report you can quickly:

  • Know the DA of each link you needĀ to beat your competition.
  • Snipe the quality links your competitor has.
  • See if you need to do a content upgradeĀ on your page.
  • See how many more links you need to catch the #1 page.

You will have all the data you need to own the #1 spot on Google with our SEO competitor analysis tool.

Page 1 Rankings

(Generate more SEO traffic)

Once you build out the links map templates we create for you, you'll notice your rankings across the board will increase.

Using our link maps we have seen results with 90% less links than the other top ranked websites.

3 Simple Steps To Use SEOJet

Enter your TOP SEO pages

Just enter the pages you care about into SEOJet. We help you build amazing organic link profiles for every page of your website that you want to optimize.

SEOJet creates your link maps

For each page SEOJet builds a link building road map so you know exactly which links to build every time to get #1 rankings and stay safe from Google updates.

Start building the right links

Use our members only premium guest posting service or get links your way and simply fill in the link maps we build for you and watch your rankings grow.

"Great product for any SEO strategist..."

"Had an amazing experience using SEO Jet right from the start. Heard a lot of great reviews from friends in the industry about the quality of the software and the results it brings, which was something that we were looking for.

After watching the tutorial, jumped right into the work load. Also, spoke to Adam directly, which was a big plus in getting the hands on for the product. Overall Great product for any SEO strategist. Customer for life..."

Aaron - SEO Manager (company anonymous)

We've Got Your Integrations Right Here...

  • Connect your Ahrefs account to SEOJet to bring in links instantly.
  • Connect your Majestic account to SEOJet to bring in links instantly.
  • We automatically bring in links from Moz into SEOJet.