Here’s What Really Matters in Guest Blog Service

Backlinks are listed as one of Google’s top 3 SEO ranking factors. Studies show that pages with more referring domains inevitably get more search traffic, so it’s important to get as many inbound links across the web as possible.

Hiring a reputable guest blog service is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. This can help you get leads, build an authoritative brand, and ultimately make sales. Read on to learn how to choose guest blog services that will help you make the most of your SEO campaign.

What Is a Guest Blog Service?

Guest blogging, also commonly called “guest posting,” is a paid link-building service designed to boost inbound traffic to your website. To understand guest posting, it’s important to first get a crash course in backlinking.

Backlinking takes place when one site links to another page on the web within its content. This link redirects to the other website and establishes a connection between the two pages. A backlink is essentially a vote of confidence that one reputable website gives to another, which makes the party that the site redirects to look more appealing to Google crawlers.

Incorporating backlinks into your own site is important, but getting others to link to you is even more critical. You’ll drive inbound traffic from your target market and look more reputable. This is because more people will “vote” for your page as a quality, reputable, relevant, and authoritative source.

Guest post services are the best way to get inbound backlinks to your website. You pay a top-notch link-building service to pair you with a publisher site.

This publisher site will then post professionally-written SEO-rich content that links to your webpage. Essentially, you are buying a “vote.”

Why Is Guest Posting Important?

Because it manipulates areas of the web outside your own webpage, it qualifies as an off-page SEO strategy. Like all aspects of an SEO campaign, the aim of guest blogging is to make your site more appealing to Google crawlers. These bots scour the web and subsequently index pages for ranking.

Good link-building strategies mean that your page will be listed higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This means greater visibility for your business website. You can make a greater impact on your target market.

Boost Your Rankings

About 91.5% of Google traffic is limited to the first page of SERPs. If you rank on the second page, less than 5% of users will see your content. These figures only get lower as you move into the third, fourth, and fifth pages of SERPs.

Guest blogging services are designed to boost your rankings on these pages. When you do, you’ll get more organic traffic from search engines. This will ensure that Google crawlers view your site as high-quality, relevant, and reputable.

It will get you onto the first page of SERPs so that you get more clicks. More traffic also makes your page more appealing to indexing bots, so it will be easy to maintain your ranking. SEO is cyclical, and investment in guest blogging is an investment in your overall marketing strategy.

Make More Impressions

Google crawlers aren’t the only ones that will trust your site more when you rank higher in SERPs. You also will be able to make more of an impression on the consumers that matter most to you.

Quality guest post services pair you with publisher sites that share your target audience. These pages won’t be direct competitors that can steal your business, but they will be pages that attract those interested in your services. You’ll drive inbound traffic from people who already contend with pain points that your business resolves.

Establish Your Brand

Attracting more leads and customers is a surefire way to carve out a name for yourself in your industry. People will follow you on social media and buzz about the quality services that you provided them. Since 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, this is a great way to build your brand.

Most of these consumers also work with others that share similar objectives and pain points. They can recommend your services to others in your target market. You’ll make impressions on those that matter.

What Should You Look for in Guest Blog Writing Services?

When you look for a guest blog service, it’s important that you keep these benefits in mind. Your aim should be finding an expert that can bring these advantages to your business. If you don’t keep the reasons that guest posting is important in mind, you won’t remain goal-oriented.

But how can you find a service that brings you these benefits? It’s important to do your research.

Reviews and Reputation

When you first find a guest post service that looks like it could be a good fit, read online reviews of the company.

The company website itself is a great place to start. The best guest blogging companies will have specific case studies on their blog that include facts and figures about their greatest success stories.

You also should look at other online review sites, especially those that tailor to your target market. See what other businesses like yours have to say about the company. Make sure that they actually got traffic after their investment.

Good guest posting businesses also should have solid social media reputations. Go onto sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to look up the service you’re considering. Browse their page, make sure that the content is high-quality, and see what people are commenting on their posts.


Guest posting requires a lot of important research. Professionals must consider:

  • The amount of traffic that prospective publisher sites get
  • The domain authority (DA) of prospective publisher sites
  • Whether or not the prospective publisher site has a similar target audience to you
  • What type of anchor text to use (unless you want to specify the text yourself)
  • What keywords your backlink should be surrounded by

They also must:

  • Be able to create quality content
  • Perform competitor research and find ways that your guest blogs can outperform competitors
  • Create clear and relevant calls to action that direct people to your website
  • Promote your guest blog post on their own social media
  • Use Google Analytics and similar services to conduct research on your completed guest blog posts
  • Use this data to create better guest posts for you in the future (and optimize existing guest posts)

Hiring someone with experience is the best way to find experts that can conduct effective research. If you hire someone that cannot perform these tasks, your business won’t see much of an impact. It’s a waste of money, so make sure that you look into how much experience the service has before hiring.

In-House Content Production

Some guest blogging services don’t write your content themselves but rather outsource the work to a third party. This can be detrimental because you won’t know what content quality you’re getting. They could outsource to someone with no experience or even to someone who isn’t fluent in English.

When you ensure that you’re hiring an in-house content team, you’re investing in quality control. The team will be dedicated to producing guest posts that best represent your business. They also will have the knowledge necessary to produce quality content.


You also must make sure that the company you’re considering hiring fits within your budget. While a free guest blogging service won’t cut it, you don’t want to pay more than you need to. A fair and reasonably-priced professional service is essential.

Choose a company with multiple pricing packages. This will let you select the type of service that you’re willing to purchase and give you quality content within your budget. A pricing page also means a transparent guest post business that won’t hit you with hidden costs.


Transparency is important on more levels than just pricing. You want to hire a company that will communicate openly with you. This means that you’ll get better-quality content, be able to better target your audience, and understand how to track and monitor your SEO campaign.

Ask to see a portfolio of the company’s previous successful guest posts. Then, ask them to see analytic figures showing the success of these high-performing posts. Any professionals worth their salt will be happy to share their successes with you.

You also should feel safe asking any questions about both the company and the services. Make sure that the experts don’t evade your questions. Those willing to provide thoughtful, in-depth answers prove themselves reputable and reliable.

Invest in a Better SEO Campaign Today

Choosing the right guest blog service may sound like a challenge, but it’s a critical step toward a top-notch SEO strategy. Now that you know some things to look for when finding a guest blog posting service, it’s time to begin working with top link-building professionals to boost your visibility ASAP.

SEOJet’s experts are committed to pairing you with authoritative and reputable publisher sites to drive inbound traffic. We work with companies in a wide range of industries and have experience with many different target audiences. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business.