5 Pillars of High Quality Content and How To Implement Them

Out of the 1.8 billion websites categorized in 2021, over 600 million were blogs. Statistics show that every year, more than 2.5 billion posts are published on blogs.

If your business website has a blog, you need to focus on high-quality content. This is extremely important when it comes to generating organic traffic online.

Your blog is one of your most useful forms of marketing. But to see the results you want, you need to focus on a few important factors.

Keep reading to find out how to create high-quality content that produces results.

1. Answers a Question

When it comes to high-quality content, there are a few things people look for. SEO content writing has to provide value to the reader.

If it isn’t providing value, it is low-quality content. This kind of content is not going to help your business, and it can hurt your Google ranking.

You have to think like the reader when you are creating blog posts. Website visitors have usually searched a certain term because they have a question.

For instance, they may want to know how to pick a good picture frame size. If you own a picture frame business, you want to answer this question in your blog post.

This provides value to the reader since you are answering their question. You should also provide additional information to answer any other questions about the topic.

This creates a high-value piece of content for the reader and Google.

2. Creates Action

When it comes to digital marketing, blogs are one of the more common options. This is because they show results and generate organic traffic.

The problem is that traffic is not enough for your business. You need to also encourage readers to take action once on your blog.

Having visitors come to read a post is not going to be profitable if that’s all they do. You need to create action by adding a call to action at the end of the post.

This provides an overview of what the reader is looking for and how you provide the solution. This is also something you can incorporate throughout the blog post.

As you were talking about something, you could provide a link to that item you provide. This is a great way to answer the reader’s question as well as generate a sale.

This is the main point of having a blog on your business site. As much as you want more brand awareness, this is not going to pay the bills like sales will.

3. Content-Length

Over time, the things Google’s values have changed dramatically. This changes every year depending on what readers are looking for.

One thing that Google looks for a lot of the time is the length of the article. Short articles are not considered to be nearly as valuable to the reader.

Because of that, they often don’t rank as well when it comes to Google results. Longer articles provide more information, which intern provides more value.

Writing along articles also helps you incorporate more keywords. You can add more calls to action and appeal to a larger group of potential customers.

Just make sure you are providing value with long articles. The last thing you want to do is create fluffy articles that don’t have much substance to them.

Fluffy articles often repeat themselves or provide irrelevant information. These are things that Google will notice, reducing the quality of the content, no matter the length.

4. Ranks On Google

A lot of business owners have a hard time identifying high-quality content. You may have a hard time having perspective when you are writing it yourself.

After all, you are probably proud of the articles you are producing. One way of knowing if they are high quality or not is their ranking.

Articles that provide quality information are going to rank better on Google. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different factors that go into this.

If you are working on your blog and posting regularly, you should see ranking improvement. Articles that are ranking the best are the articles that provide the most quality.

This can help you identify what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Try to re-create whatever you are doing with the articles that rank the most.

Over time, this will also improve your domain authority on Google.

5. Creates Engagement

If a reader likes an article, they are probably going to share it with others. This falls under the category of post-engagement.

Readers may share an article for a variety of reasons. It may have very valuable information as well as eye-catching graphics.

It may also answer a question that other articles fail to answer. Another form of engagement is when readers comment on the post.

This is very beneficial since Google also acknowledges comments when it comes to ranking. This shows that you sparked interest in that reader and they wanted to let you know that.

How to Achieve High-Quality Content

If you have a business blog, you want to achieve high-quality content. This is easier said than done since there are certain pillars you need to have for your blog.

Your blog posts need to generate a response like a reader becoming a customer. You also need to make sure your articles answer the reader’s question and create engagement.

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