SEOJet Affiliate Program: Promote SEOJet and get paid recurring commissions!

30% Recurring Commissions On All Subscriptions You Refer

2% Commissions On All Link Orders They Place Forever

How much money can I make with your affiliate program?
If you refer ten companies on our Flight Plan ($99/mo) and they each spend $1500/mo on guest posts, your commission will be $600/mo.

How do recurring commissions work?
When you refer a new subscriber to SEOJet, as long as they are active paying members you will get 30% commission each month on whatever their subscription amount is.

For link orders, those are not recurring commissions but you do get 2% commission on every link order they place.

How do payouts work?
Once you have accrued $50 of commissions we will send out a monthly payment through PayPal.

Do I have to be a member of SEOJet to be an affiliate?
No you do not have to have an active subscription at SEOJet in order to be a part of our affiliate program.

How do I check my commissions?
Once you sign up you will be given a login to your dashboard where you can track all commissions, referrals and get your affiliate link.